Your Guide to Making Your ‘Early Life Career Crisis’ a Success

Posted on March 18, 2016

This is a guest blog written by our Rutgers University Campus Ambassador Jaclyn Finger.

Graduation is approaching, which means the real world is approaching. You have yet to receive a full-time job offer, but your friends in finance have already accepted an entry level position. You feel like you have applied everywhere, but it seems like your application get lost in an online universe. Cue the tears, anxiety, and high-stress levels. This is what I like to call: an early life career crisis.

The closer I am to approaching my graduation date, the more this “crisis” was hitting me. After weeks of freaking out, I realized I have everything it takes to turn my early life career crisis into my early life career success.

Here is how you can change your perspective and take control of your job hunt:

  1. Remain active on job boards- Devote an hour or two every day to research companies and positions that interest you on more than one job board. Also, don’t limit yourself to just LinkedIn. By exploring many websites, including company sites, daily you will be the first to hear about a potential opportunity.
  2. Utilize your school’s resources- Use your school’s career site as a tool to find jobs. Typically if a company is posting on to a school’s career site, they are interested in students from that school. Making an appointment with a career services advisor can help you learn more about opportunities or develop job hunt techniques.
  3. Attend career fairs- Even if the companies you are interested in are not attending the career fair, this is an opportunity for you to explore different options. This is also a chance for you to brush up on your elevator pitch and basic interview skills.
  4. Reach out to your network- Contact former bosses, co-workers, and anyone that you have been professionally involved with to let them know you are preparing to graduate and are seeking an entry level position. This will allow them to keep you in mind when they know of an available position and they will appreciate the hustle.
  5. Let anyone and everyone you are on the job hunt- Let your friends, family, professors, and classmates know the type of industry you are seeking a job in. You never know what connection they may have to somebody in that industry or if they know of a position at their current/former companies.
  6. Let rejection motivate you- As the Intern Queen always says, learn to love rejection. By getting rejected, you will only be motivated to work harder and continue to better yourself as a professional. Even if you got rejected for an internship at a great company, show off how much you have grown since then by applying for a full-time position.

These six steps have kept me calm and motivated through this chaotic time of transitioning from student to full-time employee. Don’t let the stress make you not realize your full potential and how you are going to make an impact in the real world.

Good luck on the job hunt and congratulations to all of the soon to be graduates out there!

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