You Graduated in December, Now What?

Posted on December 13, 2016

Congratulations December grads! You did it! And just like you wanted, you’ll have less competition when it comes to landing a job! Everyone else will graduate in May or June and crowd the marketplace a bit – nice work! The nice thing about graduating in December is the pressure is off – you get to relax with your family and friends over the holidays and really enjoy yourself. However, it’s not December anymore! We are in January and it’s time for me to kick things into high gear for all of you – let’s begin our job search! Below is a plan for all of my December grads to follow. Please keep me posted on your progress!

December Grad Job Plan

 January: Research, Read, and Refine. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself in January. Use this month to get back on track with everything job search related. Spend your time researching at least 10-20 companies that you want to target and determining how to apply for jobs at those companies and what the process is like. Also, look up the industry trade publications in the industries that interest you. For example, if you want to go into advertising you should be reading AdWeek or AdvertisingAge. Get to know everything that’s going on within your desired industry. It will make you a more informed job seeker. Also, read all of the job advice articles and resume/cover letter advice in my two books (Welcome to the Real World and All Work No Pay) and on my two websites ( and this one!). This is a great time to refine your materials – your resume and cover letter. Also, do some mock interviews with a friend. Many recent grads do poorly during the interview phase so practice as much as you can. Here are some interview advice articles I wrote that might help.

February: Time for informational interviews. Get out your Intern Queen Dream List. Yep, just like you did for your internship search and let’s start reaching out to contacts at your top 10 companies. Determine where you are going to live and really focus on that area. If you are applying to jobs in a major city you might need to move there before you can start applying. Many jobs in the entertainment, PR, fashion, editorial, or communications space are only going to interview candidates who can actually come in and are actually based in the city. Use your alumni networks and search on LinkedIn for people from your school who work for these companies. Your goal is to set at least 5 – 8 informational interviews this month. During these informational interviews you want to be clear on your job goals and ask who they recommend you speak to and how you should go about applying to work at their company.

March: Your job is to get a job. Spend 6-8 hours every day applying for jobs, reaching out to contacts, setting informational interviews, and hopefully going in and actually interviewing. Spread your wings and try to attend networking events in your desired industry and hangout on LinkedIn daily. Check all job boards, posting boards, and have a daily routine that brings you through all of the regular job stops. You can also follow your dream companies on social media just to make sure you are completely in the loop. This is the stage where we try, try, and try again. Remember, rejection is part of the process – embrace it and keep moving forward!

Goal: Employment by April 1st


Are you ready for my challenge? Are you ready to stick to the plan and get hired?

Remember to also check out my book WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD which is full of advice on how to excel in your first, second, or third job! I can’t wait to watch all of you do big things and land your dream jobs!