You Got the Job — How Do You Prep?

Posted on September 19, 2017

I know a lot of my readers are landing jobs — or are hopefully in the process of landing jobs. Whether this is your first “real job” or you are going into a new position, here is my list of things to do when prepping for that big first day on the job.

  1. Wardrobe update. I’m not a fan of spending money before it comes in, and with any new job you might have a delay in that first paycheck. However, you don’t want to be stressed about clothing early in the morning (I’ve been there); you want your focus to be on performing well your first day. Put together your wardrobe for the first week or two. Clean out your closet, find your staple work pieces, and if you need to spice them up a bit, go to an inexpensive clothing store (Forever 21 or something similar) and buy some trendy jewelry to jazz your outfits up. You could get a cool headband, necklace, tights — whatever you can find. Add these to your basics and you are good to go. If you have your wardrobe set out in the front of your closet it will save you time and cause you less stress in the morning.
  2. Be ready to fill out forms. Reminder: day one of your job means lots of orientations, new faces, and forms to fill out. Make sure you come with pens and pencils, a notebook that fits in your work bag, your ID, social security card, and some sort of folder for any forms you might have to make copies of and keep at home. Also, bring a highlighter to track any super important information.
  3. Know your routine. Do a practice drive (or walk) the day before you start your new job. Are you going to Starbucks beforehand? See what the line looks like at whatever time you would normally go. Also, determine ahead of time that you won’t just arrive 10-15 minutes early on your first day, but you’ll set the standard to arrive that early every day. Get into the habit of arriving before your boss.
  4. Read up on your boss and company. Do your research. Have they been in the press recently? Print out any sheets of important information you find and put them in your folder for reference.
  5. Have a calendar plan. How are you going to track your new schedule? Sync your phone with whatever calendar system you will use.
  6. Know the names. Try to know the names of as many executives in your department as possible before your first day.
  7. Bring snacks and money. You never know what the lunch situation will be and you want to be prepared :)


Now that you’re prepared for that big first day, go rock the new job!



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