Yes, Even I Can Be A Slacker. What I Do When “Monkey Mode” Hits

Posted on November 29, 2017

Want to talk about my weaknesses? Okay…here it goes. I can be a monkey. At least once or twice a week I go into what I call “monkey mode” when I’m sitting at my computer. I’m staring at my emails, but my mind is elsewhere. I just sort of phase out and I’m not in the mood to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. I usually end up just dawdling around and not doing much of anything. If any friends call – I tell them how I just can’t focus. I’m big on noticing patterns and I’ve noticed the “monkey mode” pattern more than once. Here are the ways that I break my “monkey mode”:

  1. Take a loop. I go for a walk around the block and get some fresh air and call a friend that I’ve been wanting to catch up with.
  2. Re-fill my coffee. I go to Starbucks across the street and get a refresher – the mixture of the walk and the coffee does it for me!
  3. Workout. I’ll drag myself out of my desk chair, put on my sneakers, and go for a run for about 30 minutes.
  4. Make a plan. Normally, “monkey mode” happens when I don’t have a plan in front of me – I’ve finished my calls for the day and the hustle and bustle stops. This mode is a sign that I need a fresh to-do list so that I can stay focused on the tasks that need to get done.
  5. Get social. I make an effort to go out that night. In my mind, this mode tells me that I need to GET OUT! I try to make a social plan for that evening or attempt to grab a quick drink with a friend (or my husband) after work.


What do you do when “monkey mode” hits? Leave a comment below and let me know how you keep yourself managed.