Why The 3 Most Common Fears of Entrepreneurs Don’t Scare Me

Posted on March 27, 2018

I didn’t know what to write for this week’s entrepreneurial post so I googled “biggest fears of entrepreneurs” and I found an article by Entrepeneur.com called “3 Fears that Haunt the Entrepreneurial Journey”. I think the writer, Michael Jacobs , is probably spot on. He says the three fears are starting, failing, and evolving. If I had to guess what the fears of most entrepreneurs are – I’d probably guess the same thing. For all of the entrepreneurs that are just plain scared, I thought reading why these common fears don’t scare me might help you.

  • Why I Wasn’t Scared of Starting but did get caught up in other fears.
    Looking back, I wasn’t scared of starting my business, I was scared of leaving my job. And when I think about why I was scared about leaving my job it had nothing to do with me or my ability to run a company or lead myself to success. In fact, I don’t even think it was about the paycheck. All of the reasons I was scared were about other people and not about myself. My parents were scared about my paycheck disappearing and it was their fear that scared me. I grew up in a household where my dad was ALWAYS right and so him thinking I was doing something WRONG was more than I could handle. I was scared of what the people around me would think. Why is this girl leaving the coolest talent agency on the planet to go run her own business? I didn’t feel like I was supported or had anyone in my corner. It was the fear of what everyone else was thinking that really scared me -but again, not starting.

When you start your own business – the key is starting. I hear about entrepreneurs raising money, getting office space, buying this, and purchasing that. When I started my business, I had $5,000 to my name – and that was it. Granted, I knew that god forbid something happen, I could fly home to Florida or crash on my friend’s couch, but I really didn’t have any extra cushion or income situation to rely on. I didn’t have time or money to raise funds or to buy office furniture, I just had to start. And the fact that once I got started, I was relying on myself and no one else – actually comforted me. I was done worrying about what everyone else thought. It was my turn. And I did – I relied on my own hustle –I believed in my own hustle and I just started.

  • Why I Wasn’t Scared of Failing.
    In my second book, Welcome to the Real World, I wrote something about failure that I’d like to share. In the acknowledgments section of my book, I wrote something to my mom dad, it goes like this:

Someone recently asked me what’s behind my success. The answer was simple; failure wasn’t an option. My parents made sure of that. They raised my brother and me to strive for success and because of their constant belief in us, regardless of the paths we chose, it worked. Thank you for instilling confidence, work ethic, and love in both of us. We are great because of you.

Now, I know this doesn’t explain everything but it’s really true. In my family, failure wasn’t discussed – it wasn’t feared – it just wasn’t an option on the table – with anything. Sure, we got our share of bad grads and troubling times and we dealt with those when they happened – but we never planned for them, we never expected them – we expected that we’d do our best and that would lead us in the right direction. When I started my own business, I took this sense of confidence about myself, my skills, and my ability with me. Even today, as I sit in a much scarier situation than I did when I started this thing in 2009 (scarier meaning that I have more to lose (financially) and more people rely on me to pay their own bills), I’m still not scared of failure. Could I lose money? Could I need to fire someone? Could I have a bad year? Sure, all of those things are realities of the situation I’m in…but I’m not scared of failing. And even if for some reason my business didn’t work out, I don’t know that I would call that a failure….

  • Why I’m Not Scared Of Evolving.
    I’m not scared of evolving but I am aware of the word. It’s important that I’m aware that technology evolves (after all, I run a website), that the way we communicate evolves, that my competitors evolve, that I’m going to personally evolve. But the best thing that I can do is to acknowledge that everyone and everything will constantly evolve, grow, and change. I can never be too set in my ways because they might need to change. I could never be too opposed to a certain system, plan, strategy, or method of communication – because they are evolving and changing every day. As a business owner and creative leader and thinker the best thing I can do is nourish my own sense of evolvement. When I want to talk about something, to write about something, or to explore something – I need to create a channel for myself to do that. And to be honest, that’s what this blog is – that’s what the entire LaurenBergerInc.com platform is – it’s a place for me to continue to grow and share what I’m learning with my growing and evolving audience. Growing and being honest about that growth is what keeps us authentic – it keeps our content fresh – and our users entertained. Embrace evolvement don’t fear it.

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