What to Accomplish During Your First 90 Days On The Job

Posted on September 26, 2017

Many of my readers are in their first, second, or third jobs after college. If you’ve read my new career book, Welcome to the Real World, you know how overwhelming my first job was after college. I wish someone would have taken some of the stress away and just told me what I needed to focus on during the first 90 days of my new job. Here are some ideas for you:


  1. Build Relationships With as Many People As Possible. Have lunches, dinners, coffees, and drinks. Get to know as many people as possible – your boss, clients, co-workers, people under you, people above you, etc. Every business is a relationship business. Make relationship building a priority.
  2. Have a Consistent Attitude. People should know what to expect when they call you. Always be respectful and polite to others – even if they are asking you something that you find ignorant or annoying. This is your time to make an impression and others are easily influenced. Treating everyone the same and always being someone others can rely on will work for you in the bigger picture. Remember, these are people that swim in the same circles as you for many years to come – at this job or another.
  3. Master the Different Processes of the Office. You are going to mess up at the beginning – it’s just a reality of starting a new job. The best thing you can do is never assume anything, ask questions even when they feel dumb, and write things down. Forget the notion that you can remember everything – it will just bite you. Make your goal to master all office processes by day 90 – three months in.
  4. Clean Everything and be an Organizational Genius. Take the time to stay after work a few nights or come in over the weekend to give your desk a good old-fashioned deep cleanse. Go through all of the old files from the person before you and just organize everything. People don’t want to trust someone with a messy desk. Your desk is a reflection of your work. If only I knew that when I was an assistant!
  5. Know the Who’s Who of the Office and Your Clients. In Welcome to the Real World, I talk about Petty Office Politics. You want to understand relationships – who is friends with who? Who grew up together? Who worked for who? Where did the CEO start? You want to try to understand the origin of the relationships in the office. Think about the show VANDERPUMP RULES. Whenever someone new starts at SUR, they attempt to learn the geography and the origination of each relationship – who is dating who? How does he know her? I know that’s a silly reality show example but similar….


For more tips on starting your first, second, or third job successfully read my book, WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD.