Top Coats for the Working Girl

Posted on January 23, 2017

This is a guest blog post written by Jessica Brinley.

Every year we are offered new and more stylish trends, which either remain fancy for the next years or go out of style just after the year is over. If you do some research in the field of trends you’ll notice that they are repeated by the time no matter if it’s a haircut or posh clothing. Some timeless options never go out of style and always come up with modern touches. Check out top 10 coats that will always be in style and choose an elegant one for you to wear for many years. Opt for the style that seems to be comfy and suitable for you.

Single-Breasted Coat

One of the most elegant coats both for men and women is the single-breasted coat. It’s a simple and flattering coat for most body shapes. This style goes well from office to evening. It looks beautiful in monochrome shades and is quite classy in gloomy tones.



Trench Coat

Trench coats are produced by many brands. They are cool and clay coats mainly combined with belts of the same material. They hug the back and bring out the shape of your body. They are marvelous in light, milky or darker hues and seem to be ideal especially for spring and fall.


Long Coats

No matter the material and style of your long coat, it’ll provide you with the desired powerful look. The best part about long coats is that they make your body look slimmer and add height. You can wear them with a number of outfits and shoes. They are posh and attractive.


Fur Coats

Who doesn’t like fur coats? They are warm and luxurious at the same time. Any woman feels more confident in fur coats. They are forever stylish trends and are often updated with innovative combinations, hues and elements. Today we see a variety of styles, designs and solutions for fur coats.


Cardigan Coat

The next on our list is the stylish cardigan coat, which remains trendy due to its cozy nature. It’s a kind of casual jacket-coat suitable for spring and fall. This subtle coat is mainly worn with light outfits in matching colors.


Wool Coats

Sometimes the material matters when it comes to coats. Like fur coats wool coats are also much requested as they keep you warm and stylish at the same time.


Leather Coats

What about the sparkling and eye-catching leather coats? Do you like this material? If yes, then discover as many stylish ideas of leather coats as possible. There are always new and modern pieces for the big fans of leather products and goods. You can match them with leather accessories and bags.


Black Coats

While pastel coats are already out of style black coats will never ever leave us. Black is the most flattering shade for many outfits and shoes. It’s perhaps the best choice for gloomy seasons. So, try to have a black coat in your wardrobe.


Parka Coats

We all love casual and convenient street styles, which never grab too much attention but still keep us fancy. Parka coats are all about coziness and timeless fashionable looks. They are ideal for any age and gender.


Classic Duffle Coats

And the last option is the classic duffle coat, which is loved by both genders. It’s another casual and sporty coat, which looks beautiful in various shades from darkest blue to the lightest pastel.