The Job Hunt – Take Two

Posted on January 26, 2018

This blog post was written by Allison Goldstein, our Alumni Campus Ambassador.

Let’s just go on and say it: job hunting is… scary. Thoughts of uncertainty fill your brain, informational interviews fill your calendar, and hundreds of updated cover letters fill your desktop.

Unfortunately, no matter how many times you’ve been through the process, the stress of searching for a new gig will never cease. But have no fear! If you’ve locked down a great job once, you can lock down a great job again. You’ll still spend most of your free time refreshing your inbox and stalking HR people on LinkedIn, but this time around, you’ve got skills, experience, and accountability on your side.

In need of some inspiration to help you land that second job? No problem. Read on for some tips to kick your hunt into high gear.

Network, Network, Network

Some things never change… like the importance of utilizing all your connections during a job search. Lauren always reminds us to keep in touch with former internship coordinators and employers at least three times per year. If you’ve succeeded (which I know you have!), you’re well on your way to landing occupation number two. Maybe you’ve already communicated to your contacts that you’re seeking a new opportunity – great! If not, now’s the perfect time to reach out and exchange career updates.

Before you take this step, though, be sure to evaluate how you’re leaving your current position. Some industries are much smaller than others, so it’s important that you maintain good relations across the board. After all, someday it will be your turn to pay it forward!

Update ALL your materials

As a college senior on the hunt for your first full-time position, you probably spent a lot of time convincing potential employers how your prior internships and extracurriculars made you a perfect candidate. While these things are still relevant, they are no longer your most appealing quality! Now that you have real world work experience, you’re officially a step ahead of those who have never had to commit to a 40+ hour work week. Be proud of this accomplishment and let the world know! Update your resume and cover letter with new skills, but don’t forget about your other resources. Add a summary to your LinkedIn page, change your Twitter bio, create a website – you name it! Just remember that any potential employer can find you with the click of a mouse, so be sure to represent yourself and your accomplishments in a professional (and impressive) manner.

Be positive and optimistic

Two questions you will absolutely be asked in an interview for a second job: 1.) Why do you want this position? 2.) Why are you looking to make a move? Do yourself a favor and have a solid answer prepared for both – one that does NOT include any negativity about your previous job, boss, or company. Make a list of things you learned and skills you gained (even if you didn’t enjoy learning or gaining them) and communicate to contacts that you are eager and excited for new opportunities. If you’re asked what you didn’t like about your first job, spin your response into a positive statement about the future, rather than a negative one about the past. Don’t forget – eyes ahead. (House of Cards, anyone?)

Don’t rush the process!

Maybe you’ve decided to relocate across the country, or maybe you’ve watched one too many episodes of Mad Men on Netflix. Whatever reason you have for wanting to find something new, remember to take your time! Identify what you loved and loathed about your first job and put yourself to work. Spend an hour or two each day researching your dream companies, and if possible, use resources like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and (of course!) Intern Queen to reach out to current employers. Let me warn you: every job description you read will seem like your perfect match, but be sure to stop and think. Can you really imagine yourself doing this in three years? Is this job too similar or different from your last?

Good things come to those who wait. And believe me, the perfect second job is certainly something worth waiting for.