The Best Advice I Was Ever Given

Posted on September 18, 2017

In writing this blog, I wanted to challenge myself to think about the best advice I’ve ever been given. In my opinion, the best advice just sort of sticks with you – you don’t have to think about too much. It’s advice that someone gave you (probably randomly) and for whatever reason it just sticks!

My first boss told me that you never assume anything – assumptions always lead to mess-ups. She also told me that you never assume that people are actually doing their job. You always double check, confirm, and make sure that things get done. Never assume that someone got your email, got your calendar invite, or understands exactly what you want them to do – always follow up and triple check.

My dad circled all of my bills once and all of the money I owed people and told me that having a lot of bills owed out equals stress. He said to avoid stress at all costs. He said to keep that number of money I owe out as low as possible. I keep this in mind whenever I’m making financial decisions for the business. I try my best to make financial decisions with caution.

My boyfriend told me that the numbers tell the story and the numbers make the decisions. Running a business with four employees (who I work very closely with) it can be difficult to make certain decisions – especially when it comes to raises,etc. I tend to think with my brain and my heart and my boyfriend always reiterates that the numbers make the decisions and tell the story of where the business is at.

I hope these words of wisdom stick with you as they have with me. For more entrepreneurial content and advice please read our entrepreneurship section HERE.