The 31 Apps I Use Constantly

Posted on July 6, 2015

Last year, Dell hosted an event for the release of my book, Welcome to the Real World. Randi Zuckerberg hosted the event and had a list of interview questions for me. I’m usually a pretty solid interviewee. I’ve been interviewed a hundred times and I can answer questions about myself, internships, and jobs with my eyes closed. However, Randi stumped me! At the end of the interview, she asked what apps I use on a regular basis and I didn’t have much to say. I’ve never been so tongue-tied in an interview. It’s not that I don’t use ANY apps, I just had nothing to say, and nothing stood out. I didn’t even know where to begin. Let’s change that right now. I have my phone next to me and I’m going to share the apps I use on a daily basis.

First, I organize my apps using the following categories “Business, Lifestyle, Travel, Social, and Photos.” And then of course I have the Calendar, Phone, Email, and Text Messages apps at the bottom (like I’m sure everyone else does). Oddly, I use my calculator app constantly!

Here’s what I’m using on a regular basis (actually using) in each category:


  1. Clock. Everyone has the clock app but I really utilize mine. Of course it’s my alarm clock but I use the timer function constantly when I’m trying to give myself a set amount of time to do sales reach out or research. I also use the world clock function to track my clients and friends overseas. Right now, my parents are in Spain and my close friend is in Paris, so I’m always using it to track their time zones.
  2. Wells Fargo. I bank with Wells Fargo so it’s crucial I track my transactions and if I ever need to check my accounts I have instant access.
  3. CNN. I consider it my job to know what’s going on in the world. I have my push notifications turned on with the CNN app so that even if I’m on a conference call, I still know what’s happening in the world.
  4.  The Deadline Hollywood app. I dabble in entertainment industry projects and my friends all work in the business. If I want to keep up with their dinner table conversations, it’s in my best interest to know what’s happening in the biz.
  5. Venmo. At Intern Queen, I use Venmo to reimburse employees, pay our web team, and pay student reps at the successful completion of campaigns. I also use Venmo to reimburse friends for dinners, etc.
  6. Paypal. Our clients use PayPal to sign up for internship listings, so I always keep an eye on this app on my phone.


The lifestyle section is my play/fun section of my phone. You’ll see what I mean below:

  1. ITunes Store. Every time I fly (which is frequently), I let myself download a new album or a few fun songs of the moment. Last flight it was Kendrick Lamar. I cycle through the same 50 songs or so during my work day.
  2. App Store. I also try to download apps while I’m waiting for my planes to take off. I probably need to get more adventurous with this. I still use Pandora on the treadmill, do you? Enough said.
  3. Radar Online. I said it was a FUN section of my phone! I want my Real Housewives gossip!
  4. TMZ. Again, this is the FUN section on my phone. I like to scroll TMZ before bed and read about a bunch of nothing! I use my friend’s account.
  5. Heads Up. If you haven’t played this game on your phone, you should. Great to take out when bored with friends.
  6. Safari. I use this for all of my web surfing. I admit it’s usually to look up sushi restaurants.
  7. Drybar. I have a bad addiction to Drybar and I live too close to a location.
  8. Facetime. One of my friend’s will ONLY Facetime me, she’s crazy!
  9. Trulia. In my spare time, I like to browse dream homes! It’s not a reality yet.


  1. Google Maps. Even though my car has GPS, I tend to use this more frequently. I also never need an actual GPS when I’m renting cars when I can access directions on my phone.
  2. Weather.Whenever I’m traveling, I always try to check the weather ahead of time. When I’m traveling to multiple climates on the same trip it always makes things more difficult.
  3. Uber. Thanks to Uber, it’s so much easier to get around my favorite big cities – and less expensive! I also love that I don’t need to have cash on hand.
  4. American Airlines. I don’t know what I would do without this app. It stores my flight itinerary, shares my upgrade status, and saves me time as I don’t have to print out my boarding pass.
  5. Kayak. This is the app that I use to book travel. The weird thing is I’m always booking travel while traveling – ugh.


While I probably don’t need to break down all of my social apps for you, I’ll give you the short version.

1. Pinterest

2. What’sApp

3.Facebook Messenger


5. Skype

6. SnapChat

7. Facebook

8. Twitter

9. Telegram.

I always have Skpe on as it’s how my virtual employees communicate with one another. Watching Skype enables me to stay in the loop when I’m on the go. I use WhatsApp and Telegram to communicate with my friends in other countries. It’s like texting and free of charge!


The only photo apps I really use are of course my photos and camera. I also use,

1. Pic stitch. I use this to make cute collages

2. Instasize. I use this to give me the ability to post large photos.

After reading this post, I wonder what you’ll go and download. Which apps do I use that you already use? Which apps don’t you use? Here’s to productivity through our phones!