Take Days Off, When You Can

Posted on March 29, 2018

Some people think that because I run my own business I really never have to work. Although some days I wish that were the truth – it’s actually harder for me to take a day off work than for someone who works for someone else. Now, the process might be harder for an employee at a company to take off work – they might have annoying processes or difficult systems in place to approve days off. But for me, taking a day to disconnect can sometimes feel impossible.

For my birthday, I tried (very hard) to escape to Coronado (San Diego). I had a full to-do list and had to really go through and prioritize. There were still things that I wanted to get done but I finally had to tell myself that I just wasn’t going to get to them. Because, let’s be honest – there is always going to be a to-do list. So unless we separate ourselves from our work (aggressively), we will never get to take any time off or be away.

I decided that on my day off (that’s right – it was only 1 day off), I wasn’t going to open my computer. I decided if I had to work, it would be from my phone. I figured I could force myself to leave the hotel that way. And I did. And it was fine. I had a few “emergency” situations come up and I handled them as I walked around Coronado. And although I was slightly grumpy about not being able to fully step away, I reminded myself how lucky I am to be able to do whatever I want from wherever I want.