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Let’s Talk About Rejection

We all get rejected.

Believe me, I know the feeling, and I know that it's no fun.

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Your Working Life Podcast

A few moths ago, I got in touch with author and professional development coach, Caroline Dowd-Higgins.

She authored the book and maintains the blog, This Is Not The Career I Ordered. I got the opportunity to speak with Caroline about my new book, Welcome to the Real World.

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Always Be Detail Oriented

Never underestimate the importance of being detail oriented.

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Make Yourself a Priority

When I started my first job, I was the absolute last thing on my list of priorities.

I didn't make time for myself, and I wasn't taking care of myself.

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Know Your Room

One of the most important things you can learn, is knowing your room.

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It’s All About the Attitude

If there is one thing that I can't stress enough, it is the importance of staying positive in the workplace.

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My Appearance on Good Morning San Diego

I was recently featured on Good Morning San Diego discussing my new book, Welcome to the Real World.

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Handle Rejection Like a Pro

Everyone gets rejected.

It's important that we use that rejection to propel us forward and launch us into the next best thing.

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My New Book Comes Out On April 19!

Get excited — my new book, Welcome to the Real World, comes out on April 19!

I can't wait for you all to read it!

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