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4 Traits of Successful People

As many of you know, I had the privilege of building a great campaign with The Ford Motor Company.

The two colleges that won our competition, Boston College and Carnegie Mellon University, went on a once in a lifetime trip to Ford World Headquarters in Detroit last week. I was lucky enough to attend, sit in several executive presentations, and learn so much about the Ford business, culture, and history.

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5 Tips for Mentor Meetings

Did you get lucky? Your dream executive agreed to sit down with you for a few minutes to give you advice. WOW! That is lucky! Great work.

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What Do You Think About Girl Speak?

Last week, one of my best friends sent me a link to the viral video on Gawker where a comedian calls 911 b/c his girlfriend is using “girl speak” - phrases like “OMG”, “I’m dying!”, “Stop It!”, etc.

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Your Working Life Podcast

A few moths ago, I got in touch with author and professional development coach, Caroline Dowd-Higgins.

She authored the book and maintains the blog, This Is Not The Career I Ordered. I got the opportunity to speak with Caroline about my new book, Welcome to the Real World.

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