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4 Traits of Successful People

As many of you know, I had the privilege of building a great campaign with The Ford Motor Company.

The two colleges that won our competition, Boston College and Carnegie Mellon University, went on a once in a lifetime trip to Ford World Headquarters in Detroit last week. I was lucky enough to attend, sit in several executive presentations, and learn so much about the Ford business, culture, and history.

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7 Ways to Be Successful After Graduation

I sat with some of my Intern Queen Campus Ambassador alumni.

These are students who went through my Intern Queen program when they were in school and have now gone on to work for some of the biggest/best companies in the world. I asked them how they became successful after college.

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5 Biggest Roadblocks I Faced When Starting My Business

Are you passionate about starting your own business and entering the world of entrepreneurship?

When I started Intern Queen in 2009, I was full of passion, but a bit unaware of the roadblocks I might face along the way.

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The Top 5 Reasons I Love Being an Entrepreneur

I’m very lucky to be an entrepreneur.

People always ask me if I ever sit back and just feel good about what I’ve accomplished; the answer is probably – but not as often as I should.

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