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My Desk Necessities

I’m obsessed with learning about how successful people run their lives.

Whenever I’m connecting with a fellow entrepreneur, I love to go see their office and their desk. I love watching how they do what they do and how they organize themselves.

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Navigating Office Politics At Your First Job Post Grad

This is a guest blog post by Intern Queen Alumni Ambassador Jenelle Yee.

Starting my first job out of college was an incredibly exciting milestone in my life. However, I quickly realized that as a new college graduate, it could be pretty tricky to know how to handle unfamiliar situations in the workplace.

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6 Simple Desk Organizing Tips!

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you all had an amazing week! I recently spoke to Knockknock.com (they have really cute office supplies you must check out) and talked about how I organize my desk.

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Welcome to our new Intern Queen Office!

I started Internqueen.com back in 2009 and for 6 years I always worked virtually.

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Be Green-Spired for St. Patty’s With These Items!

With St. Patty’s Day right around the corner, we thought we’d try to inspire you with our favorite green items for your office and for work!

Enjoy our picks!

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The Power of Notebooks and Thank You Notes

I always say that notebooks change lives.

If I'm ever feeling down or overwhelmed with work, I get a brand new shiny notebook.I encourage you to try this out....

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