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How to Avoid Writing Passive Aggressive Emails

I hate negative email chains.

It’s one thing to get a rejection email. It’s another thing to get an email from someone that just makes you want to throw up after reading it and gives you a stomachache all day long.

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How to Write An Introductory Email To A Reporter or Blogger

Many of the students in our Intern Queen Network go on to work at PR and Marketing firms across the country.

I got an email this week from a former student who recently graduated and works at a PR firm.

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Confession: I Took My Email OFF My Phone

About six months ago, I decided that working constantly wasn’t healthy, wasn’t necessary, wasn’t giving me any sort of credibility, and really wasn’t helping me get ahead.

At that time, I was doing what everyone else is doing – working all of the time, working until late at night, emailing during dinner, emailing on the treadmill, looking at pointless stomach-turning emails before bed, letting my wheels spin until the second my head hits the pillow, sleeping with my phone under my pillow, waking up to Skype alerts, rolling out of bed just to get on the next conference call, using my weekends for work emails, and just constantly scrolling through the emails on my phone.

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