Our Favorite Michael Kors Bags for Work!

Posted on April 13, 2016

Now that our team meets in an office for half of the week we tend to chat a bit more. While we were chatting the other day we all started talking about bags and purses. Without a doubt we all agreed that Michael Kors bags are among our favorite bags for all kinds of occasions, especially for work!

I asked my team which bags were their favorites and why. Here’s what they said. 

My Favorite Bag 

Rhea Medium

Rhea Medium Metallic Leather Backpack 

Why take a bag when you can take a backpack! Sometimes I walk into the office with so much stuff in my hands (fresh flowers, phone, notebooks, gym bag) that I just don’t want another large tote. I love the idea of a fun backpack to throw my stuff inside. And I can’t resist this gold shimmer that would make any outfit look put together.

Margie Leiva (Sales Coordinator) 

Top Zip Saffiano Tote

Jet Set Large Top-Zip Saffiano Leather Tote 

Carry a little  or carry a lot it doesn’t matter with this tote. When I am running out of the house I need  make sure everything fits in my purse. My tote has to be large enough to carry all my cosmetics, lap top, sunglasses and all my portable tech gadgets. This tote is definitely going to make it quicker to run out the house and still looks sleek.

Marisol Botello (Executive Assistant)

Mae Soft

Mae Soft Leather Caryall Tote

I love this tote because it fits everything I need to carry for work. I can fit my laptop, notebook and all essentials for my workday without having to carry so many bags.

Joelle Gazmen (Sales Team)

Romy Medium Backpack

Romy Medium Leather Backpack 

Because of the number of items I bring to work – I am a bit of a hot mess like that – this backpack is perfect for me.  It is treads the line between professional and functional and brings me back to my school days, but now I look infinitesimally cooler.

Briana Claiborne (Campus Programs Assistant)

Rhea Medium Black

Rhea Medium Color-Block Leather Backpack 

I also like The Rhea Medium Color-Block Leather Backpack which is the perfect work bag. This bag has so many compartments to store things like your laptop, tablet, planners and cell phone! Not only that, this bag can match anything you wear with it’s neutral colors (my favorite is the black and white)! You can store all of your work related items while carrying it in comfort and style!

Jacquline Ho  (University of Connecticut Intern) 

Jet set travel

Jet Set Travel Saffiano Leather Top-Zip Tote

I love this bag for work in either black or luggage. Personally, I prefer tote bags because it gives me the opportunity to carry more items to work, including a laptop. I also like the style because of it’s simplicity. It can be easily dressed up for professional days, but also dressed down for casual Friday. Lastly, I really appreciate the top zipper on the bag for safety because many tote bags are left open. When working in a city and having to commute using public transportation, I think having a zipper is necessary to avoid pickpocketing and other dangers.

Hannah Brown (University of Missouri Intern)

Taryn Large Sachel

Taryn Large Leather Satchel 

The Taryn Large Leather Satchel in a white/black color block is my must-have accessory for work.  The classic style shows professionalism and the colors are versatile between seasons.  I’m always looking for a trendy bag that’s big enough for my laptop too.  I also love that it zips at the top, so I don’t have to worry about things falling out as I’m running around!