Our 12 Favorite Snacks For Work

Posted on November 13, 2017

For some reason, I always feel like I’m starving! Especially, when I work from home and the refrigerator is so close to me! I always want to grab a little snack or a little something. I never know what to grab and I always feel guilty when I go right to the Girl Scout cookies. With swimsuit season not too far away, we all want to look good and feel good about ourselves. I brainstormed with our team and we put together our 12 favorite snacks to bring to work.

1. Baby Carrots 

Keep a bag of baby carrots in the fridge at home or at work. This is a great, mess-free option while you are typing emails. And they tend to fill you up quickly.


2. Greek Yogurt 

I’ve yet to visit the Chobani Bar in New York City that everyone talks about but I do enjoy greek yogurt. That means a lot coming from me as I’m NOT a regular yogurt fan. Greek yogurt tastes great, feels light, and is super healthy!


3. DotStick Iced Lemon Bar 

I work out at Crunch Gym in Los Angeles and my trainer got me hooked on the Iced Lemon protein bars. I’m normally NOT a lemon fan but I’m telling you – these bars are great. I actually like the Iced Lemon better than all of the chocolate flavors.


4. Dried Mango

Most grocery stores carry some brand of dried mango. But like many of you (I’m sure), the Trader Joe’s dried mangos are my favorite. They are a great sweet snack and sort of addictive!




Don’t want to munch on plain carrots or veggies? Skip the ranch dressing and grab some hummus! I’m into everything spicy so I always grab the jalapeno hummus! Victoria , our intern from Rutgers, says she is always snacking on hummus and pita chips during her internship time.


6. Kind Bars

At some point over the past two years, Kind Bars skyrocketed in popularity. I mean, they were always around, but I don’t think they were always THIS popular. Whenever I’m at the coffee shop, I always grab a Kind Bar. They seem to be everywhere these days! My favorite flavor is the dark chocolate sea salt pictured here.


7.Pretzel Crisps

We do have a thing for Pretzel Crisps since they’ve been our snack of choice at our Intern Queen Parties but seriously – they are the best. We love all of the flavors – Deli Style, Buffalo, and of course – the original.


8. Quest Bar 

Our intern, Victoria, told us that she is constantly craving the brownie flavored Quest Bar. She said it’s a great healthy protein bar option and handles any chocolate cravings, and it can be complemented with healthy supplements as Kratom Masters products.


9. Smart Puffs

I wasn’t familiar with Smart Puffs until our sales team member, Hanna, told us they are her favorite work snack! Yum!


10.Trail Mix

So if any snack is addicting – it’s definitely trail mix. And of course I eat the one trail mix that probably ISN’T healthy – the Trader Joe’s tempting trail mix with the chocolate. But I always make sure to put it in a very small bowl and limit myself to one serving.


11.Cantaloupe or Melon

Our campus programs manager, Shayna, is definitely the most “hard core healthy” on our team. She vows by fruit that she can nibble on at her desk. She says melons like cantaloupe are usually her favorite.


12. Apples and Peanut Butter.

Clearly, this snack is a favorite of many. Our digital marketing manager, Lindsey, is obsessed and so is the rest of our team. If you want to be super healthy – buy the natural peanut butter at the grocery store. And warning – this snack can be messy – but probably one of the most tasty!

snack-at-work-apples and peanut butter