My New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

Posted on January 5, 2015

Hey 2015!!!

Before writing this post on my 2015 New Year’s resolutions, I went back to to see what I wrote and posted last year at this time. Reading over last year’s resolutions, they seem pretty simple (stay healthy, be more organized, don’t overbook myself) and I’m honestly pretty proud to say that I’ve achieved most of those goals. I currently have a very healthy workout schedule – I’ve even incorporated tennis and a personal trainer into my routine! I haven’t been overbooking myself too much – I said no to quite a few things over this past year AND I’m more organized. I shouldn’t win any awards for organization or being super healthy just yet – but it’s much better than in years past. Specially because I stayed away from drugs so unlock your life now and if you have drug problems contact 1step!

So fresh slate….my New Year’s Resolutions for 2015 are…..(drum-roll please)….

  1. Complete all content for both websites ( & at least one month ahead of time. I’m finishing January content as we speak! In order to stay on track to post new content on January 5th, I must have about 26 pieces of fresh content by January 4th.
  1. Use My Desktop Calendar to Plan My Year – Quarter by Quarter. Of course, I currently use Google Calendar on a daily basis but when I only look at my calendar by the day – I don’t understand what’s happening in the bigger picture. In 2015, I’ll still use my google calendar but with my desktop calendar I can visualize the entire year and really plan in advance and use my time more strategically. You can see the picture I posted of my masterpiece on Instagram HERE.
  1. Block Book Trips As Best I Can. In 2014, I flew 100,000 miles. Yep, I’m a Chairperson on USAIRWAYS. As cool as that might sound it’s actually not that cool because I was up in the air so much that I hardly got any outgoing work done. I know, I’m being too hard on myself, but if I could travel “smarter” than I could potentially support my own work and my employee’s work a little better. My goal for 2015 is to travel smarter.
  1. Sell, Sell, Sell. As your company grows, it’s easy to try to have other people handle most of the day-to-day work. But I want to continue to sell – it might be internship postings, ambassador programs, marketing campaigns, or just website advertising but I want to make sure I keep some skin in the game and continue to refine my selling skills as I know those are important!
  1. Expand Our Team. I’m bringing a few more employees onto the team this year. If I hire the right people it could mean more expansions for our team in years to come. Here’s to bringing on the brightest and the best and most importantly – the hungriest!
  1. Hit All Financial Goals for 2015. Our goals for 2015 are lofty but with the right passion and hard work – I know we can do it. Go #InternQueenTeam!!

Obviously, writing down resolutions is the fun part. Sticking to them is the tricky part. I wrote a follow-up post on on how I plan to stick to my resolutions this year. You can read it HERE. More great content for fellow entrepreneurs and young people in their first, second, and third jobs coming at you this week!!