My Travel Must-Haves For This Year

Posted on January 31, 2017

Yes, my life is consumed with travel. If I’m in town for more than 8 days at a time, it’s a triumph! I’m usually on the go for a mix of work and personal events. I always get questions about my must-haves for traveling. Recently, I was on a trip and wrote down everything I had with me – all of my must-haves for traveling. I wanted to share the list with all of you and of course, include my personal travel picks! Enjoy!

Starbucks Iced Coffee. I used to drink the fancy fattening drinks at Starbucks but if you are going to get it every day (like I do), you have to watch the calorie intake. My order? Large iced coffee with no sweetener and room for cream. I try not to be lazy and don’t let them put my cream in for me, as they put in way too much.

Puffy Jacket with Fur. If you are traveling to cold climate (like I always seem to be), you need one solid jacket. I’m not a big believer in packing different jackets for different outfits, who wants to bring that much luggage? I got my Kenneth Cole black puffy jacket on sale at Macy’s last year and I love it. It keeps me warm, matches everything, and it’s become part of my Northeast traveling uniform. I usually carry it on the plane and use it as a blanket onboard.

Flannel Shirt. I walked into Urban Outfitters recently and picked up a perfect slightly worn pink and green oversized flannel shirt that is my new go-to when traveling. If it’s warm when I’m getting ready, I’ll tie it around my waist and put it on later. It quickly makes me look put together on the road.

Madewell T-shirts. It seems like every other year I get really obsessed with a t-shirt style from a specific brand and this year it’s Madewell. I’m really into their vneck pocket-tees that have a nice loose fit. They just went on sale at Nordstrom and I picked one up in every color. These are my go-to tops for under cardigans, flannels, jackets, and just about everything else. I always pack a grey one in my suitcase.

Slip-On Flats. For travel, I hate wearing big bulky boots. Yes, I have pre-check but sometimes it doesn’t pop up on my boarding pass and I have to take my shoes off. I like a closed-toe slide-on flat. My current favorites are by Steve Madden and Michael Kors.

Laptop. My current laptop of choice? The Dell Latitude. It’s small, light, and I can fit it into almost all of my bags. I take the regular charger and an additional travel charger with me on the road to keep it juiced up!

Headphones. I like to put my headphones in as soon as I sit down on my flight. I’m not opposed to chatting with people on planes but usually I go into my own world.

New Tunes. I always let myself download a handful of new songs for flights. My favorite is clearly the new Hamilton Mixtape! I probably need to get into Spotify!

Ibooks. I usually download a new Ibook when I’m traveling. My latest reads were a mix of Big Little Lies and Megyn Kelly’s Settle For More. I just got the Iphone 7+ so reading on that isn’t an issue.

Snacks. I love a bag of pretzels on an airplane, gum, and a protein bar or Kind Bar. The chocolate almond Kind Bars are the best!

Productive Reading. If I’m traveling for business I like productive reading – so a magazine like Inc, Fast Company, or Entrepreneur. Sometimes I’ll get crazy and go for the Economist! HA!

Big Apple OPI Gel Polish. My friends and I keep a strict nail schedule so they are always perfectly polished. A solid red on both nails and toes is always a great choice for a trip.