My Rules for Business Traveling

Posted on October 4, 2017

We all have our first business trip for work at one point or another. Since I’m on the road and “in the sky” more often than not, I’ve learned a few things over the years. Here are my rules and what keeps me sane while traveling for work.

  1. Always bring protein bars. You never know when you’ll have to wait forever to eat. I always buy mine at the gym (Crunch) and my favorite kind are the Mint Chocolate by DotFit.
  2. As soon as you get through security, buy a water bottle. You obviously can’t bring liquids to the airport so as soon as you clear security make yourself go into the gift shop and buy a water. I’m sure it’s a few dollars more than you would like to spend on water but it will keep you hydrated for the duration of your trip.
  3. Never check a bag. I went to Japan and Korea for two weeks (in the cold) and didn’t check a bag. You never know what’s going to happen – especially if you are traveling for work. It would be terrible if they lost your bag and you didn’t have clothes for a meeting or if the baggage claim takes forever and it makes you late for an appointment or event.
  4. Don’t over pack. It’s very easy to overpack. I always make a “packing list” before I pack and outline what kind of outfits I need for each of the days. For example: Monday (comfy for plane, business for meeting, and extra blazer for speaking engagement). If I’m going for a long trip, I try to wear everything twice (except for underwear, obvi). So if I need 6 outfits for speaking, I’ll bring three.
  5. It’s not the time to be extra-fashionable. When I’m traveling, the goal is to look put together but it’s not always the best time to try out new trends. For example, while I was traveling this winter, I would have loved to bring my oversized Free People jacket but it would have taken up half my bag. I focus on packing the basics that can be worn in different ways. For example, for a weeklong trip, I’ll pack 3 pairs of pants – one pair of jeans to wear during the day while traveling and hanging around (Levis), one pair of dark denim to wear for speaking engagements and going out (Rag & Bone), and a pair of black wool leggings to rotate in when I need a break from the denim. I didn’t bring 7 pairs of pants – I brought 3. I left the funky trendy stuff at home.
  6. Keep a travel routine. When I’m on the road and I have an 8AM flight and I know I have to be in a cab by 6:15AM, I’ll get up at 5AM, get in a quick workout, shower, eat something light for breakfast and be ready to go. Even though I’m likely going to be tired later, I feel 10 times more refreshed on the plane and I’m able to actually get work done on the plane when I don’t rush to the airport. This helps me ease into my day.
  7. Give yourself Email time. I have to literally schedule time into my day when I’m on the road to check email. Normally, if I have a flight every day, I do emails while I’m waiting at the gate or in the US Air Lounge (yes, I’m fancy!). I’ll also do emails on the plane – I pay the monthly fee so WIFI in the sky isn’t too pricey — and I’ll check emails for an hour at night. It’s important to know when to put the emails away and the difference between an urgent email and an important email. Important emails will be there tomorrow.
  8. Think about meals ahead of time. As you are looking at your agenda for the following day, try to plan out your meals in your mind. If you are on your own for food, where are you going to eat? If you don’t plan your meals you’ll get stuck with Chinese delivery, Wendy’s, or McDonalds. And take my personal advice – if you do get Chinese delivery – go for steamed chicken and veggies (sauce on the side) or a salad from the pizza delivery place. Yes, I do this a LOT!
  9. Print out your agenda, directions, and any notes. I always try to have a travel agenda and directions actually printed out at all times. You never know where you are going to be, if you’re going to have cell reception, or who you will need to impress. If you are organized and buttoned up about your travel, you will always appear on top of your game. You can navigate to this site for more details. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve relied on my phone for GPS and then been driving through an area with no service. Have a backup plan so you don’t get lost!
  10. Chargers. I’ve been known to leave chargers places. Make sure that before you leave your hotel rooms you check for your chargers and always charge your phone/computer whenever you can, so you can use it for video games with the help of OW guides online. Also, if you are going to be renting cars, bring a car charger with you – just in case.
  11. Headset/Bluetooth. If you are going to be driving and doing calls from the road – safety first using The Best Truck GPS Guide – My CDL Traning. Pull over if you need to but make sure you are on a headset or Bluetooth.
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  13. Double check time frames. Make sure you over-estimate the time it will take you to get places. You will probably get lost – so account for that!


All of them are very useful.... Not to overpack, its saves time, space and ofcourse gets that peace of mind!