My Ideal Work Day Looks Like This….

Posted on May 12, 2015

I’m always writing about my schedule and the different time management techniques I’m  trying out: I try to stick to “selling” in the morning; anything we are sending out as a company or pushing to our clients (students or employers) I try to push out during NYC business hours; and anything that requires more planning, budgeting, creative brainstorming, or writing (activities that don’t necessarily have a clock attached to them) I try to do after 2PM PST. Here is an example of my ideal work day (when I’m not traveling):

6:00-6:30AM: Wake Up (I’m a big snoozer…so I like to be able to press snooze a few times) I drink coffee immediately to get the juices flowing for the day.

6:30AM – 7:30AM: I sign onto Skype and check in with my virtual team — our campus programs manager and our digital marketing manager (they are on the east coast and I’m on the west coast) . I try to go over the calendar and compare it to my active to-do list for the day. I create my to-do lists the night before so that I can jump right in, and try to block out times in the calendar for me to work on different items in my to-do list. I try to group the items together as “budgets,” “creative brainstorming,” “campus ambassador,” “event promotion,” “sponsor reach out,” etc.

7:30AM: I do a morning call with our digital marketing manager, Lindsey, to talk about her goals for the day. We have a 15-minute talk (yes, we time it) and we talk about a different strategy for her position each day.

8:00AM: Our interns sign-on for the morning. We greet them on Skype and do a 15-minute morning call. It always goes over the time we account for (although I try really hard for it not to go over). We go over the calendar, the intern assignments, and answer any high priority questions from the interns or the team.

8:30AM – 12:00PM: I’m usually on calls for most of the morning – pitches, sales calls, company brainstorming, or team projects. At 12PM, our interns are done for the day (they only intern approximately 12 hours per week).

12:00PM: If I’m working from home, I run downstairs to eat a salad or across the street to pick up some food at a local eatery. I usually eat at my desk and call friends or my mom on my walk to the spot.

1:00PM  – 4:00PM: My team signs off at around 2PM PST as they are in New York. I check-in with them via Skype or phone and make sure they are all set for the day and we have no urgent items on our to-do list. I go through my to-do list and handle all outstanding items and follow-up and start making my to-do list for the following day. I try to be as realistic as possible in terms of what can actually get accomplished in the remaining hours.

5:00PM: Work out with trainer (if I’m in LA) this helps me stay on track.

6:30PM: Run any last minute errands (grocery stores, sending things out, etc.) before dinner.

8:00PM: Make dinner or grab sushi, finish any work, pay any bills, watch TV, and sleep!