My Favorite Things for Valentine’s Day

Posted on February 11, 2016

I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is around the corner. If I’m still thinking about the perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day, you might be too! I usually get my fiancé something small and I get something for my close friends in LA (just to tell them I love them). Here are some ideas for you, your friends, or to show your significant other.

V-day Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts Heart-Shaped Donuts. I’m obsessed with Dunkin Donuts and so glad are finally starting to open in SoCal (where I live). My fiancé runs a company with lots of male employees so sending a box of these to the office is a must this year!

Starbucks Heart Shaped Cookie

Starbucks XOXO Cookies. I should be on a wedding diet, but I can’t get over how cute and Instagram-worthy these cookies are at Starbucks. Even if you don’t send one over to your true love, you might have to grab one for yourself :)

Valentine's Mug Personalized

Personalized Mug. This is a great gift idea for loved ones and/or friends. Take advantage of the customization factor and add a sweet message – perhaps an inside joke – that only you and your significant other understand. These make great every day morning coffee mugs!

Love Globe

Love Globe. I’m obsessed with these hand-painted globes and got one for my fiancé that says “Adventure”. You can get them in any size, shape, or color.

His and Hers Pillows

His and Hers Pillow Sets. This bedding is super cute (if you live with your significant other). I recently got a set that says “King and Queen” – you might be able to guess why I got the word Queen!


Floral Robes. I’m into these lately because I’ve been browsing the wedding websites, but I love these floral robes. I got one for myself even though it’s not wedding time yet. These are great gifts and so comfy to wear around the house.