My Desk Necessities

Posted on August 10, 2017

I’m obsessed with learning about how successful people run their lives. Whenever I’m connecting with a fellow entrepreneur, I love to go see their office and their desk. I love watching how they do what they do and how they organize themselves. I work from a home office and since you can’t all come over for a visit, I’ll share my “must-haves” for my desk:

  • Old-School telephone (as seen in the photo): I love the look of a large pink phone on my desk – and yes, it does actually work! Usually, however, I have business calls forwarded to my phone or an employee’s phone (I don’t want to be on my cell and have that phone ringing in the background!).
  • Intern Queen gear: It wouldn’t be my desk without a few tiaras, an oversized crown, and a few mugs that say QUEEN.
  • My books: I’m always on the phone doing interviews and it’s important for me to easily reference chapters or paragraphs in my two books.
  • Notebooks: I don’t like to take notes on my computer while I’m on conference call so I always have a few different sized notebooks on hand. I try to make them colorful (as notebooks make me happy), and I try to be consistent and use the same notebook for all of my notes until I fill it up. I also tear out the pages as soon as I complete whatever notes are on them.
  • Lots of pens/highlighters: I like using highlighters when going through contracts and I always use a pen for note-taking.
  • My phone and chargers: I like to have everything in one place – chargers, lap top, and phone.
  • File folder: I keep a file folder on my desk where I put any incoming material that I want to read through at a later time. I take that file on long trips so that I will eventually read any articles I pull out of magazines or papers I want to reference in the future. As soon as I’m done with the article, I tear it up.
  • Thank you cards: I do this as a reminder so that I write them as frequently as possible to the people I need to thank.
  • Check book: For some reason, I always end up needing this for something.
  • Coffee: You know that I’m obsessed with iced coffees. If I’m working, there is probably one nearby!
  • Business cards: I keep a stack on my desk so I can grab and go on my way out to events.
  • Calculator: I put together proposals at least a few times each week. You wouldn’t believe how much I use my hot pink calculator.