Must-Haves for the Home Office

Posted on August 10, 2015

I wanted to share some of my must-haves for my new home office:

  1. White simple modern desk. Similar to this one.
  2. Silver desk lamp. I bought this one from Ikea.
  3. “Entourage-like” desk chair. Similar to this one.
  4. Sparkle notebooks and funky notebooks. I pick these up at the grocery store and I love shopping at TYPO.
  5. Clothing rack. I like having my work outfits for the week on my clothing rack. Mine is from The Container Store. Learn more at
  6. Funky rug. I’m still shopping for mine – but the front runner is this one from Urban Home.
  7. Chandelier. I’m also still shopping for the perfect chandelier. I love the selection on
  8. Orchid. Trying to keep things simple — I got myself a beautiful white orchid at Home Depot.
  9. White picture frames. My work stuff tends to be very colorful so trying to keep things as simple as possible! I love the frames at Home Goods.

What are your must-haves for the home office?