“Move up the Corporate Ladder”

Posted on September 4, 2014

When I decided to write Welcome to the Real World, I wanted to create a resource that young college graduates could utilize upon entering the workforce — what many of us refer to as “the real world.” When I landed my first job out of college, I didn’t feel that I was prepared for the complete 180 that my life would go through, and remember thinking more often than not, nobody told me the real world was going to be like this.

Lifestyle blogger, Maegan Tintari recently read Welcome to the Real World and was kind enough to share her thoughts on her blog, …love Maegan:

Welcome to the Real World is a great read for the girl {or guy} who wants to get in, stay in, and move up the corporate ladder. From personal experience, Lauren offers practical tips, advice, guidelines, and perfect office protocol she learned from being a bad employee to becoming the CEO of her own company, InternQueen.com, all with an up-beat positive ‘you can do it’ vibe. …I recommend Welcome to the Real World to EVERY young girl {teens/early 20’s} or graduating college just entering the business world.

You can read all of Maegan’s thoughts on my latest book at …love Maegan. If you have read Welcome to the Real World, I would love for you to comment below with your thoughts!