I have 5 social media questions. Can someone please answer?

Posted on May 30, 2014

While I’m normally the one handing out advice, I now need some advice from you all. I read so many articles on social media, but I rarely find information that I can use and apply to my business. So I’m reaching out to all of the people in the blogosphere with the following questions. Please answer :)
  1. My Twitter page is for my business and my personal brand. Because we decided to combine the two accounts and not separate them, my question is: when I’m on personal vacation, do we stop scheduling our continuous tweets about internship postings and blog posts? Does the “absence makes the heart grow fonder” rule apply?

  2. We are already using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram as a way to constantly interact with our audience. We also have a LinkedIn Page (personally and professionally), but should we be constantly updating that with content as well? How many networks is too many networks?
  3. Does Instagram need to be in order? For example, if I have a cool photo from last week’s event but I’ve already posted something on it in “real time” — and several other things — can I go back and post something else?
  4. What times of the day are most effective to post on each network?
  5. What percentage of posts on each network should drive traffic to your website?
Management :)