How to Write An Introductory Email To A Reporter or Blogger

Posted on September 29, 2017

Many of the students in our Intern Queen Network go on to work at PR and Marketing firms across the country. I got an email a while back, from a former student who recently graduated and works at a PR firm. His company is encouraging staff members to write introductory emails to reporters, bloggers, and influencers and meet with a few new people each week. The purpose of this is to encourage staff members to network and strengthen their relationships. He emailed me asking how to compose an introductory email to a reporter or blogger. Here  are some helpful hints:

  • Think about the value you bring to the table. Why should this stranger meet with you? What value do you bring to this reporter? Do you represent clients they will want to write about? Do you represent products they will want  to blog  about? Remember, relationships are a two way street.
  • Keep it short and simple. If someone opens their email and the message looks like a novel – they aren’t going to read it. The email shouldn’t be more than 1-2 paragraphs. In the case of an intro email, the second paragraph might just be information about the company you work for. The first paragraph should clearly state the purpose of your email and your objective.
  • Expect the Worst. With cold emails (emailing people  you don’t have a relationship with), you should expect that people either won’t respond or will decline your offer. That way you can manage your own expectations. When someone does want to meet with you or speak with you (as someone will), you’ll be excited about it. But don’t get down on yourself when people don’t want to meet – it’s all about building relationships and just reaching out and having that person see your name  flash across their inbox is a great first step.
  • State the Connection. Why are you specifically reaching out to this person? People want to know that you aren’t just reaching out to everyone and that you are specifically reaching out to them for a reason. Show some knowledge of their work – either as a reporter or a blogger.

Example Email. Let’s pretend you are emailing a reporter from Forbes. Here is what the email could look like:

Hi Roger,

I wanted to personally reach out and introduce myself. I’m a publicist at XYZ PR Firm and represent a variety of financial experts and financial products that might be of interest to you for future articles/features on the Forbes website. I’d love to set a call with you or take you to coffee and learn about the projects you have in the works. I included information about my company below.

Please let me know your availability for the coming weeks! I look forward to meeting you soon!




Company Bio (Not more than 4-5 sentences)

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