How to Turn Your Graduate Internship Into a Job!

Posted on September 1, 2016

This is a guest blog post written by our Alumni Ambassador Emily Haley.

Let’s all agree on one thing: internships are bae. Today more and more college graduates are accepting post-graduate internships as opposed to entry-level positions after they’ve turned their tassel. While you may feel discouraged at first when your Facebook News Feed has blown up with pals announcing their accepted jobs and you’re just taking on an internship – don’t fret. Graduate internships are more popular than you think! It’s a great way to ease into the real world and get your feet wet before diving into your career.

Here’s some great news: some companies have programs specifically geared towards recent graduates that can lead into full-time jobs! So without a further ado, here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to turn your post-grad internship into a full-time gig:

Voice Your Interests. Are you Insta-obsessed? Love creative brainstorming? Be vocal about your interests and passions with your managers; you never know what opportunities may land in your lap.

Ask Big Picture Questions. What is the purpose of this research? What is my place on this team? What are my team’s goals for the year and how can I help achieve them? What does the current landscape of X topic look like? Show that your wheels are turning and you’re thinking objectively about your work at a macro-level.

Build Relationships. Branch out and get to know people outside of your team. View everyone as a resource. Just because you don’t work directly with them, does not mean you can’t go out for coffee to pick their brain. You might be surprised at the gold nuggets of wisdom your coworkers will have to offer- especially since not too long ago, they were in your shoes!

Take Initiative. Is your team swamped with work? Is there anything you can do to help? If you have a client call coming up, take charge and print out the agenda. If you have a meeting with your supervisors, come prepared with questions. Your teammates will appreciate your proactive, can-do attitude- which is a strong quality in a future employee!

Smile and Shine. Whether it’s answering the phones, meeting a client, or even having face-time with the top executives, fake it till you make it.

Make Friends with the Other Interns. Don’t be afraid to have a heart-to-heart with your peers over Chipotle. They’re probably facing similar work challenges and can offer you insight. Be their biggest cheerleader and they’ll have your back no matter what.

Good luck and welcome to the real world!

About the Author:

Emily Haley is a social content specialist at Marina Maher Communications. That is where she turned her graduate internship into a job!