How to Thrive During Your Last Semester In College!

Posted on September 20, 2017

This is a guest blog post written by our Campus Ambassador Rae Straub.

If you’re reading this, you are most likely in the midst of your last semester in college and what we like to call; senioritis is hitting you pretty hard. These past few weeks have made you feel really nostalgic and you’ve shifted your focus from good grades to good parties. It’s only natural to feel this way, however, with only a few months left don’t leave your GPA to suffer. Here are five tips for staying focused in school without sacrificing those last minute memories with your friends:

  • Study, Study, Study. With a mass of job and internship applications filling up your schedule, it can be challenging to maintain your courses. As we all know, procrastination kills GPAs. When it comes to studying, turn off the TV, log out of Facebook, and put your phone on silent. This time is set-aside for you to focus solely on your work. If you can’t concentrate in your dorm room or apartment, head to the library and book a study room.
  • Stay Organized. Buy an agenda and make a plan of action. Jot down all of your work shifts, club meetings, events, and school assignment deadlines in your agenda. Makes sure to block out time for studying, and don’t forget, relaxation time! Utilizing your organization skills will keep you from overbooking yourself and forgetting that 8am test on Monday
  • Set Goals. Set realistic and achievable goals for second semester. Set goals such as getting a 4.0 for the term, volunteering more, or starting an online portfolio. Goal setting can give you that extra oomph to get out of all those comfy queen mattresses in the morning. Once you achieve your goal, reward yourself with a night out with your friends. Positive reinforcement will help you feel good about your goals and get excited to set another.
  • Get your crew on board. Senioritis, it’s like a virus and it spreads fast. Once one of your friends in your crew has it, you all have it. Rather than letting someone influence you, get him or her to join you. Lead a study group, sign up for a fitness class or take a walk around campus to alleviate your stress. Having a great support system with your friends can aid all of you to get through those these last few months.
  • Take care of yourself. This step is most important. It can be hard to get yourself ready in the morning when the last place you want to be is in class. You think to yourself “Who do I need to impress?”. It’s true, you may not have anyone to impress, but take care of yourself for yourself. Trust me, taking a shower before class and putting on jeans instead of sweatpants will make you feel so much more motivated to take on the day. Plus, it’s hard to get comfy and fall asleep in class if you’re not wearing the proper attire.