How to Shine at Your First Job

Posted on August 9, 2017

When I landed my first job out of college, I had 15 internships under my belt and was sure that I was 100% prepared. However, I struggled through that first job, getting behind on emails and forgetting important tasks.

In my new book, Welcome to the Real World, I talk a lot about everything I learned during that first job, how to make the most of the new experience, and turning what you love into a career. One thing that I touch upon, is how to stand out at your first job.

These are 15 ways that 20-somethings can shine during their first job. Read the full article at Business Insider

1. Be confident

2. Get used to being uncomfortable

3. Accept rejection — and move on

4. Never settle

5. Don’t take things personally

6. Create a system that works

7. Pay attention to email etiquette

8. Don’t say “I don’t know”

9. Stay organized

10. Make deadlines — and stick to them

11. Find a mentor

12. Stay connected

13. Dress appropriately

14. Don’t act entitled

15. Set goals



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