How to Run Your Company’s Social Media Pages

Posted on April 3, 2017

About a year ago we hired our executive assistant, Marisol. She helps make sure we keep great content on our social channels and is constantly working hard to make sure each post is written correctly and reflects the voice of our brand. I know that many of the recent grads that use our site are also responsible for running social media pages for their companies. I thought sharing a blog on how to run your company’s social pages (based on Marisol’s experience) might be helpful. Enjoy!

  • Keep a Checklist. Our team assistant has a list of everything she needs to double check before creating a social media post for any platform (Facebook, Twitter, etc). For example, before she pushes out a tweet, she runs through her list to make sure she incorporated everything on her checklist. We keep this in Google Docs to make sure that if anyone needs to add anything to it – it’s completely accessible to everyone.
  • Print Out Examples. Before starting to run a social media feed for a company, print out recent examples of what that company has posted on their channels in the past. Keep these at your desk, that way you always have something to reference.
  • Store Passwords. Create a personal document (either in Word or Google Docs) and store all company passwords. Once your boss goes over the passwords with you, they shouldn’t have to do it again.
  • Triple Check Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation. This sounds silly but we all make spelling and grammar mistakes. I always tell our assistant that my mom (of all people) scans our Twitter feed constantly. She is always the first to point out spelling or grammar mistakes – ha! You have to be so careful and always triple check your work. Remember, every social media post represents the brand. Read the post out loud. Does it still sound correct?
  • Are you Tagging Companies or Individuals You Mention? On Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram the idea is engagement. You want to engage as many people as possible in each post. You always want people to share your post on their personal or business feed. Are you properly tagging any companies or people that you mention? Make sure to tag whenever you can.
  • Does it Make YOU Want to Click? Once you create a post, review it, and ask yourself, “Would I WANT to click on this?” If the answer is no, rewrite in a way that’s more attention grabbing.
  • Change Up the Language. Every tweet you write shouldn’t be the same. For example, if you are promoting a blog from your business, every blog shouldn’t say “Check it out” or “Read this!” You want to change things up to hold the interest of your audience and to show there really is a VOICE behind your social media.
  • Use Original Photos. Stock photos are boring. Try to use real images of real people. And incorporate photos whenever possible to bring the post to life.
  • Use BITLY. You don’t want a huge link in a social post – sometimes links can go on forever and take up a significant portion of the page. Always use bitly  to shorten your links and track them.
  • Hashtag Buzzwords. When you create a social post (especially on Twitter or Instagram) ask yourself, “Which of these words do people commonly search for?” Those are the words that you should hashtag. You can always look at the trending hashtags on a site like Twitter and try to incorporate them (when they make sense) into your post.