5 Tips for Growing a Company’s Snapchat Account!

Posted on April 18, 2016

This is a guest blog written by our Intern Queen intern Jacqueline Ho. 

In the past fours months at Intern Queen, I have been helping Lauren grow Intern Queen’s Snapchat account. I’ve studied every article online and incorporated my own experience with the app to create the perfect plan. Some things you have to put to the test before you know what works and what doesn’t. Here are 5 tips/tricks I’ve learned on how to grow a company’s Snapchat:


  • Be consistent. Since you are committed to growing your account, you have to use Snapchat all the time. You want to stay relevant to your audience. Your Snapchat account will mostly consist of posting stories. Unlike personal accounts, there will be less interactions between you and your followers and you’ll need to constantly post stories 7 days a week. The goal is to always stay on your follower’s “Recent Updates” list.


  • Show them something interesting. Snapchat allows people to share photos/videos instantly. Unlike Instagram or Facebook, you can’t edit your content – it is pretty much raw. Once you start posting consistently, you might find it hard to figure out what to post. Use this “rawness” to your advantage. Show your audience behind the scenes at the office or at an event or when you are traveling. Show them something they normally wouldn’t see on other social media accounts. At Intern Queen, Lauren gives quick internship tips on Tuesday’s and Marisol, our executive assistant, updates our followers about new posting on Thursday’s! Chances are, if they are following you on Snapchat, they are interested in what you are doing and what you have to say so keep your followers wanting more.


  • Interact with your followers. As a company account, you may not interact as much with your followers, but it is still extremely important to do so when possible. A good way to encourage interaction is to ask them to send you photos/videos on a topic. For example, at Intern Queen we ask our followers to send us questions about internships or photos of their work outfit. You can also hold games and do giveaways of video games or services to boost your csgo rank. Interaction with your followers shows you are both personable and real. You care about those interested in the company and take the time to acknowledge them.


  • Your QR code is everything you’ll ever need. The best way to increase your following is to use your QR code. That is the yellow Snapchat box with your profile picture inside. Once someone scans your QR code using their account, they automatically add you as a friend. It is the easiest way to add someone.  A downside of Snapchat in the past was only being able to add someone through a username or phone number. It’s easy to misspell a complicated username which increases the chance of adding the wrong person. Users also couldn’t browse through random Snapchat accounts like Instagram and Facebook. Now with your QR code, you can put it everywhere and that is exactly what you should do. Change your social media profile pictures; tweet it; post it on Facebook; promote it like nothing else.


  • Let people know what you are doing. You can do everything mentioned above, but I think the most important tip is to tell others. If you want to grow your Snapchat, let people know you have an account and that things are happening on it. They will be more than willing to follow you and can even spread positive word-of-mouth. Many people scroll through Snapchat when they are bored, can easily come across your story, and find that you are doing interesting things on it. Don’t be embarrassed to let others know you want them to follow you. People are naturally curious beings. They love being in the know so be proactive about it and let them know, you want them to know.

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