How to Make Mondays More Productive!

Posted on January 29, 2018

I have mixed feelings about Mondays. I love Mondays because I feel like I get a fresh start. It’s a new week where I feel as though I can improve from the week before but a part of me also feels kind of sad that the weekend is over and I have to go back to my daily routine (which doesn’t include fun and friends as much). Anyways, as I was flying back to LA from Florida I started thinking about ways to make Mondays more productive so that I can set a good tone to the week. Check out these 5 ideas and let me know if you try any of them! I promise at least one of these will work wonders for you!

    1. Create a to-do list: If you’ve been following me for a while you know I’m a big to do list person. I’ve tried it all from writing on cute notebooks to writing on my big whiteboard at work but, I have found that my Mondays don’t seem so scary when I prep my to do list on Friday. Notice I said Friday? That’s right! I used to prep on Sundays but then I realized that doing that made my weekend feel shorter. Now I use Friday as my prep day so that come Monday I am ready to hustle!
    2. Check email efficiently: That’s right I think Monday’s usually come accompanied by flooded inboxes. Whether it be ads or important clients emails I find that Mondays I usually have the most emails in my inbox. My quick and efficient solution? I set a timer and go through my emails and prioritize the ones that need my immediate attention so that I can answer those first. I’m a big believer that you shouldn’t let your email guide your day otherwise you’d never get anything done!
    3. Challenge yourself and set a timer for each different task!– I like to challenge myself to put a timer on my phone for each task that I have to complete. It keeps me motivated (because I’ll blast some of my favorite music while I’m working) and I feel like I’m actually crossing things off my list and not just spending my whole day on one specific task.
    4. Aim for effective meetings (not long ones)- This year we have implemented a new system at the Intern Queen headquarters and that is that before we begin each meeting we need to have an agenda set so that our meetings won’t take hours and so that we can come up with some clear goals. Implementing this has immensely changed our productivity because now that we have a clear agenda we go down the list of what we need to talk about and are less sidetracked by those amazing ideas that pop into our heads as we are discussing other topics. I really recommend you try this out! You’ll be amazed at what a difference this makes!
    5. Write down something you are looking forward to doing at the end of your day– Writing down something that I’m looking forward to doing at the end of the day on Monday always makes me work harder. For me it can be looking forward to spending time with my friends and watching The Bachelor, or maybe going on a walk with my husband at the end of the night or even looking forward to a good workout after work. These things always motivate me to work harder so that I can treat myself to some fun after work (and not only on the weekends)

Hope these ideas motivated you to get your week started on the right foot! After writing this blog I seriously love Monday’s just a tad bit more! Have more ideas for making Mondays productive? Tweet me your ideas @internqueen!



Lauren Berger

The Intern Queen