How to Adjust To A Full-Time Work Schedule

Posted on April 27, 2018

After my first job, it took me forever to get adjusted to a full-time work schedule. I was working at a talent agency and I started at 8AM and sometimes didn’t leave until after 8PM. The key is staying balanced, relaxed, and organized – something I was never very good at. If I could go back in time to my first job after college, here are some tips I would follow to help myself adjust to a full-time work schedule and helping me is a software from

  1. Don’t Overthink It. When I used to sit down and really think about the fact that I was going to need to get up every single morning at 6AM to get ready for work – I was baffled. I mean, even the idea of having to shower and do my hair every single morning was overwhelming. I had internships and a hectic class schedule in college – but I wasn’t working 8AM – 7PM or later every day – geez! My tip here is don’t overthink it, don’t dwell on it, just do it and make it happen – you’ll play and relax over the weekend.
  2. Girls, Discover Dry Shampoo. I had to include this because as many females know, it can take forever to do your hair every single morning – the blow-drying process is awful. If you incorporate dry shampoo into your routine – you can save some time at least a few days per week.
  3. Everyone, Discover the Gym – or Sports! Once I started my job, I noticed a pattern. I would wake up and drive to work in the dark. I would come home from work in the dark and go to sleep. It was an awful cycle and kind of depressing. The missing link? I needed a workout – a stress reliever. It took me months to figure this out after starting my first job. Go to the gym, play a sport, join a team – do something to work out and relieve your stress. I promise, this will make life feel so much better. Just taking the time to do something for YOU will make you feel better.
  4. Break the Cycle. As I mentioned, you want to get out of the “wake up – go to work – go to sleep” cycle. Even on the days you don’t go to the gym, try to do something for you. Own your time. See a friend, grab a drink – do something that makes you smile.
  5. Keep Your Room Clean. When you come home from a busy day at work to a messy space it won’t make you feel very relaxed or put together. On the weekends, go out of your way to keep your personal space organized – use your Sunday nights for this if no other time works!
  6. Don’t Say YES to Everything. I keep repeating this but OWN your time. In the office, you don’t have much control over how you spend your time. In your personal life, you do. Of course, you want to make friends and be social – but do everything in moderation. I made the mistake of going out with my new work friends every single night. It made me broke, fat, and left no time for me.
  7. Run Your Errands on the Weekends – Make Them a Priority on Saturday Mornings. I promise, if you get what you need to do out of the way – you will feel so much more relaxed and less overwhelmed during the week.
  8. Stay Late or Go In Early At Least Once Per Week. Staying late (if you are allowed) at work or going in early at least once per week will help you organize your emails and get caught up on anything you’ve been slacking on. Its’ nice to be able to get work done when its quiet and your inbox isn’t blowing up.

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