How I’ll Attempt to Better Schedule My Life in 2017

Posted on January 10, 2017

I really believe that the better I schedule and manage my time, the more results I’ll see. If I can successfully schedule my life (personally and professionally), I can meet my goals.

In 2016, I spent lots of time talking about how busy our society has become. I’m busy, he’s busy, she’s busy – we’re all so busy! As the year went on, I realized it was even worse than I thought. Not only was I feeling extremely busy all the time, I was also constantly conflicted over how to spend my time. It’s as if there are two versions of me, one who sets goals, and another who likes to change the plan and make excuses for not reaching the goals. Here’s an example of the two versions of myself:

Lauren 1: “I’m going to eat healthy this week. I’m not going to eat anything bad until the weekend.”

Lauren 2: “Well, Sarah wants me to go over to her house for pizza, I guess I should just go and eat pizza, I haven’t seen Sarah in a while.”

Lauren 1: “Why do I set goals if I’m always going to make excuses for them?”

Here’s a work-related example:

Lauren 1: “I’m going to write 200 emails this month to try and increase sales and brand awareness for Intern Queen.”

Lauren 2 (four weeks later): “Well, I don’t want to stay up all night, so I guess I won’t finish my 200 emails that I was supposed to send this month. I make too many goals for myself anyways.”


Do you see what I mean? It’s like one side of me makes goals and plans and the other side of me rationalizes why I haven’t met the goal or finished the plan and then the next month, it starts all over again. I’m left frustrated that I’m saying things and not following through. So this year, I want to fix it and if any of you are struggling with the same issues, let’s fix it together. Here are a few things I’m going to do to make sure I schedule my time better and in turn – meet my goals – in 2017.


  • Take a Deep Breath Before Saying YES. I’m infamous for making instant plans and instantly agreeing to things. Sometimes I say YES before I’ve really had a chance to think about it and weigh the pros and cons. I give away my time much too soon. And remember, time is the most valuable thing we have. And I do this with both work and personal commitments. My plan for 2017, is to stop, take a pause, and have some conversations internally and with either my team or my husband, before agreeing to something.


  • Make Sure I’m Interested. Do you ever feel like you are spending your time doing things you don’t even want to be doing? Well, I’m tired of it. Because I’m going to take a breath before saying YES to things, I’m also going to say to myself, “Do you WANT to spend your time doing this?” I know   I won’t always LOVE the plan, but I want to think about what I WANT to do a little more than I have in the past. I don’t want to wake up one day thinking I spent all my time doing things that other people wanted me to do.


  • Cheese Day. I’m currently watching the West Wing – yes, there are 7 seasons so I’m in it for the long haul – but one of the things they do on the show (in the White House) is that every month they have a cheese day. This is when they invite people who wouldn’t normally have access to come in and pitch their ideas and ask their questions and have personal contact with the White House Staff. Often times we get random emails from people, organizations, and students who just want to chat about something – it might be a question, an idea, a random request – but it’s difficult from a strategic scheduling standpoint to know where to put these in the schedule. If we have an internal “cheese day” – all of those types of appointments would be placed on one strategic day each month. And perhaps we could build some fun content around that. As CEO of the business, I always want to hear people’s ideas and answer their questions – but I also want to be strategic about my time and my team’s time – so perhaps a Cheese Day is the answer. What do you think we should call it? For Your Consideration Day (FYC Day)? Service Day? Lend an Ear Day? Outside Request Day? Please comment below and let me know what you think!!


  • Block Scheduling Writing Time. We’ve mastered how to do videos for our site but not how to keep the blogs and articles coming. With the rise of interest in video content, it’s harder to find the desire to write great content. My plan for 2017 is to block out 1 day each month to only write content for both websites ( & Now, I’m writing 8 blogs, we’ll see how this goes all year but I believe we’ll be more successful this way.


  • Calls on Certain Days? I have a question mark here because I’m not sure that this plan will work. When I think about the calls and meetings that I have, there are a few different types; interviews, Skype interviews/meetings, internal team calls/meetings, pitch/new business calls, and weekly client check-in calls. We go into the office three days per week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) and work from home the other two (Tuesday, Friday). When I’m with my team, ideally, I’d like to be doing all of our internal calls/meetings in-person (so those would be reserved for days in the office). I’d also like to do client check-ins on those days as usually we have the whole team on the call. Phone interviews can be done from anywhere – the only reason I’d maybe say they should be done on office days is so my team can do some social media around them. Skype meetings should be done on office days as those are the days I typically look the best – HA! And so maybe pitch calls are kept to Tuesdays and Fridays for the most part as I can do them at home and don’t necessarily need the entire team around. Perhaps this would allow for more productive time in the office. My only concern here is that executives are notorious for cancelling Friday calls – as they either don’t end up working that day or things just come up. This is something I’ll work with my team on. Let me know by commenting below if you have any ideas here!


  • Staying Late One Day Per Week. I usually go to the gym after work on most office days. We are done with work at 4:30 and I rush to the gym and try to get there by 5. I’m always late! Although I like my gym routine, it does sort of rush me out of the office too often. It’d be nice to have one day per week where I don’t rush out and I stay a few hours after the rest of the team – to get organized, to wrap up, and just to grind out a few more hours of work. I am still an entrepreneur after all – late hours are okay every so often!


These are some methods I’ll use to better schedule my time in 2017. I’m obsessed with time management and scheduling and would love to hear what you are doing at your job, at your school, or for your business – please leave some tips below!