How I Stay Organized as an Entrepreneur

Posted on September 28, 2017

A while back, I wrote a blog about my new to-do list format . Of course, that’s one of the ways that I stay organized. Since organization is always a hot topic and most entrepreneurs usually live a somewhat chaotic lifestyle, here are some ways I stay organized:

  • Later Work Nights At Least Twice Per Week. Sometimes I’ll have the most productive work day but won’t be able to get any of my emails answered. Before I know it, the emails have piled up, and I didn’t get back to any. It’s already 4PM and I’m ready to take a break and go to the gym. I try to make an effort at least 2-3 nights per week to work a little bit later than usual. I’ll take a break, workout, and then either sit at my desk or on the couch with my computer and just get organized and caught up. I’ve found that emailing during off times (when your inbox isn’t going crazy) is a much more peaceful way to get work done.
  • Clean while sitting on calls. There are obviously some calls that I need to lead and be 100% focused and in front of my desk for. But there are usually 1-3 calls per day where I can clean up while listening to them. Perhaps because they are interviews, group calls, or calls that I’m just listening to in effort to stay in the loop, I also got one of those self vacuum devices from so the place also stays clean. I try to sort papers, go through boxes, and just get my workspace organized while on these calls. Doing this helps me focus instead of getting distracted by other emails or Skype messages while in front of the computer.
  • Rip up papers and business cards when done with them. I don’t have any reason to keep random pages of notes or the business cards of people whom I’ve already connected with. Once I send a connection email to someone and get a response, I save their contact info on my computer, and rip up the card. As soon as I’m done going through my notes from calls or random to-do lists, I rip up the paper and throw it out.
  • Everything Has A Place. Treat your computer like you treat your room – everything has it’s place. If I have notes that I can’t do anything with yet, I type them up (or have my assistant type them up) and we put them somewhere. For example, whenever we talk about our Intern Queen Party Series, we open a huge spreadsheet with all of our to-do list items and put all of our notes there. If we have any deadlines, we also add them to the calendar. If I have any random notes written down, we put them in the spreadsheet. This way, I can rip up my notes, and know that they are stored in their place. If you have some notes that don’t have a place to be stored, ask yourself, “what system should I create for this?”
  • Go Through All Bags a Few Nights Per Week. This piece of advice is more female oriented but if you are like me – you have about 3-4 purses that you switch out during the week. This makes for lots of papers and different items left in different places. A few nights per week, I bring all of my purses to my bedroom and just clean them all out to make sure I’m not leaving business cards in strange places!
  • Be Open to the Shift. As an entrepreneur, I’m constantly managing several different projects from both clients and my team. As much as I love a great to-do list, I also have to be ready to shift priorities at any time depending on the circumstances. It’s also important that as I shift priorities I manage the expectations of those around me. I love a good plan, until it has to change.

For more advice on organizing, prioritizing, and working to your fullest potential, read WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD.


These tips are helpful for just everyone who wants to spend the day efficiently...and also, I swear by your tip of either going bit early or spend sometime in the evening before packing up to get a headstart for the following day. Thank you Lauren!


Lauren this post is a breath of fresh air. It speaks to your sense of efficiency, and I can tell you're into overall cleanliness as productivity boosting trick. Another thing that helps for me is not to leave planning my day for the morning-of. It helps to do it the night before, so that you wake up with a solid purpose.


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