How I Stay Healthy on the Road

Posted on February 16, 2018

When I read the title of this blog out loud my initial response is, “I don’t stay healthy on the road.” But then I realize that I need to give myself more credit. When I think about my business and personal travel, I — more often than not — have my health on my mind. Here are some things I do to stay healthy on the road:


  • Salad for lunch. Meat for dinner. Whenever I’m traveling, I’ll usually eat a small breakfast, order a salad for lunch, and go with the chicken or salmon for dinner. I avoid the pasta section of the menu (wherever I am) entirely. I try to eat pretty large meals so that I can avoid snacking. Snacking on the road usually leads to a bunch of bad choices.
  • Always have water bottles. It’s so important to stay hydrated, especially while traveling. As soon as I get through security, I purchase a water bottle. If I know I have a long car ride ahead, I purchase a water bottle. This is like my magic juice that gets me through the day and keeps me healthy.
  • Pack protein bars. I recently got into the dotFit protein bars. I always get really hungry in the middle of my flights and if I have this bar it prevents me from ordering peanut M&Ms!
  • Make a gym plan. I try to book myself at hotels that have a fitness center. If they don’t have a gym, I try to locate a nearby running path or make sure it’s in an area where I can run outside. Before I request a wake-up call in the morning, I write out my “wake up and work out” plan. I always try to pack tennis shoes and workout clothes so I can’t use “I don’t have my workout gear” as an excuse.
  • Take the fruit! I always take a banana and an apple from the hotel breakfast buffet to stick in my purse for later – it always comes in handy!