How I Pack for Business Trips

Posted on August 5, 2014

One of my favorite things to write about in the entrepreneurship section of this blog is travel, as that’s become a huge part of my life. Over the past few weeks, we’ve posted a few travel blogs. First, we posted the Packing List blog that you should definitely check out; we also posted the 13 Travel Tips From Kate White (former Cosmo Editor), and My Beauty Must-Haves for Traveling. The other day I posted a picture of my packing lists on Instagram and I’ve gotten a few questions from readers are what those are exactly and how they work. Here goes:

First of all, the lists are Knock Knock Brand – I know you want them too! I like them because for long trips I can literally fill in what I need to wear for each day of my trip. The first thing I do is figure out exactly how many days I’ll be gone for. Then, I take out my travel schedule (usually in my Outlook calendar) and write in what I need to do each day and the type of clothing I need for that event. I try to keep consistent categories. For example, I’ve been on the road now for two weeks, and when I was creating my packing list the categories (which usually stay the same regardless of my trip) were:

· Travel
· Day/Hang Out
· Comfy
· Gym
· Meetings/Professional
· Speaking
· Swim
· Dinner/Out
· Party/Out

For a two week trip, where I know I’ll have access to at least 1 day of laundry – I usually pack half of what I need. For example, if I’m going to have 6 travel days, I’ll pack 3 outfits. If I’m going to have 4 beach days, I’ll pack 2 swimsuits. The only outfits I typically don’t repeat (exactly) would be speaking outfits or sometimes party outfits. For example, the romper I wore for the Intern Queen party I probably won’t wear a second time on my trip. Anyhow, once I write in what I need for each day, I tally everything up at the bottom and divide it in half – and that’s how I know what to pack! Done and done.