How I Get Through the Harder Days

Posted on September 25, 2017

I wasn’t sure exactly what to write about today for an entrepreneurship post so I asked my team if they had any business-related questions for me. A member of our sales team said, “How do you get through the hard days since you started the business from scratch?” I thought this would be a great question to answer for today’s blog and something that would force me to search a little deeper within myself to find the true answers to this question.

Here are some thoughts as to how I get through my harder days:

  • I’ll Wrap Early But Go Strong the Following Day. Yes, there are times when things are just so frustrating that I say you know what – I’m just being negative. I need to close my computer, wrap up for the day, get myself outside or at dinner with a friend (something that has nothing to do with work). The other thing I make sure to do is wake up and go at it with a fresh outlook the next morning. I don’t like taking time “off” when in stress or crisis mode.
  • Believing in My Hustle. Look, at the end of the day, I’ve been doing this full-time for six years. There was never money in the bank when I started. It was my job to go on a treasure hunt and find the money every day. So on days where we’re looking ahead and saying, “Ugh. We’d better find some money” or “Man, this feels impossible” – I just remember that I’ve been hustling since 2009 and I’m not about to stop now. I wake up every morning and I find that money, I knock down doors, and I get things done – that never stops.
  • Realizing, This Happens Everywhere. The reality is that weather I run my own business or not – I’m going to have hard days. I don’t know a person in the world who hasn’t dealt with one hard day relating to the workplace. Sometimes it’s easy to say that I’m only having a hard day because I run my own business – but it’s just not true. So step one, is realizing that everyone everywhere is dealing with hardships at work.
  • Staying Away from High Highs and Low Lows. When I first started Intern Queen Inc. in 2009, I’d get really excited about certain things (being on television, etc) and really upset about other things (not hitting goals, financial loses). It was exhausting being up one day and down the next. Today, I try to keep things even keel. It might sound kind of sad but even when really great things happen for the business, I try to keep a level head about it and not get overly excited and vice versa. If something negative happens with the business, I try not to get overly upset about it. I just try to keep things on an even playing field. This has really helped, especially when dealing with the tough days.
  • Vent to the Right People. I recently posted a blog on how I deal with rejection (similar to this one). Check the blog out HERE and read about the different methods I use and specially this one – venting to the right people – people who understand my situation.
  • Make a Plan. I’m sure you couldn’t guess that I’m “plan” oriented – ha! Whenever I have a rough day, I like to sort it out. What do I need to do to make it better? Sometimes you need to take a break and go workout or something before you can arrive at a plan but I like to write it out. I give myself a goal. I need to be here _____ in order to get there ____.

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