Get More Work Done By Adapting These 9 Traits Of Highly Productive People

Posted on August 11, 2017

This is a guest blog post written by Lisa, who helps students with their coursework writing.

We all envy those people who can get so much done in a single day. It gets worse when we look at our own schedules and find long to-do lists that never seem to get any smaller.

Have you ever wondered how you too can be like these productive people? If you have, it’s only a matter of emulating certain habits in yourself. Start to practice some new habits and watch your productivity skyrocket in no time. Take a look at the following nine traits of highly productive people and adapt them to get more successful in life:

  • They Understand The Difference Between Being Busy And Being Productive

Recognize the difference between low-value tasks and high-value tasks. Answering 100 emails a day is not being “productive”, unless those emails result in a high-impact outcome. Remember, quantity does not matter, quality does.

  • They Know How To Prioritize

Productive people know which tasks are important and which are not. They focus their energies on the more important tasks and effectively delegate the less important ones. Life automatically becomes easier if you learn to prioritize things around you.

  • They Know When To Say No

Productive people do not over-commit; they find it unethical to commit to something that cannot be done within given time. They understand their limits and have mastered the art of turning down unproductive tasks or assignments that will achieve little.

  • They Do Not Multi-Task

Sticking to one task allows you to focus on what you are currently doing helping you get it done faster. Multitasking only has the effect of ruining your concentration, with the result that tasks take longer to complete.

  • They Prioritize Sleep

Productive people understand that skimping on sleep leads to fatigue, burnout and lack of focus, which in turn hampers productivity. They complete at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

  • They Set Timelines

Your work can literally take forever when you do not set a timeline for yourself. If you give yourself a fixed time frame to commit a task, you will figure out a way to get it done and cross it off your to-do list. Not only will it make you organized but you would also witness all your tasks being done before their deadlines.

  • They Eliminate Distractions

Know your distractions and work actively to eliminate them. If you, for example, find the Internet a distraction, then you must unplug. And do not just pull out the cable but also make sure it’s inconvenient for you to reconnect; walk across the room and switch off the router.

  • They Are On Top Of Social Media

With all the devices these days, Facebook and Twitter are no longer limited to your laptop, and it can seem as if your smartphone is constantly beeping with all the notifications. Turn off the notifications so that you don’t find yourself picking up your phone every time you hear the beep. Instead, train yourself to check social media at fixed times of the day and not any other time.

  • They Know When To Stop

Productive people know when they have reached the point of burnout. They clearly understand that working past this point will deliver no concrete results and will only hamper their productivity. They know when to take breaks, and they also know when to resume working after they are sufficiently recharged.

Above all, productive people are highly-organized and super-efficient. They have worked out systems to deal with all the tasks on their plate, with the result that they do not waste time looking for information that they need to carry out their job.

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