Fashion at Work: Pops of Print & Color

Posted on October 15, 2015

I love what a statement this outfit makes. Even more, I love the statement that each individual piece in this outfit makes. I wore this outfit for one of my recent photo shoots, and it definitely left the biggest image in my head afterwards. Along with a trendy business lunch or dinner look, I love this outfit for speaking engagements and Saturday nights out with friends. Shop the look below:

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SLVXdPEz45BIfOXaS0j5Lq2OU3PAz_f1iB3PYb9jJ-I,lW-7dSWKMmubgS5fm3V0aqOKUENGaLA7wOuYSgo-ZQs zBIVOQfvVqzKXhNyJHig0Luz7LLxRo_t3nYwZf5GoRI,fpW06ND6PSkVjEp6l3h6125ODSXCq4NKrz7E-P3H1EY

Shop this look: Printed Jacket, Darling c/o Red Light PR

Shop this look: Linette Contrast Collar Blouse, Darling c/o Red Light PR

Shop this look: Black skinnies, rag & bone

Shop this look: Sam Edelman Claire pump

Shop this look: Statement necklace, Rose & Sage (similar)