Conflict at Work

Posted on February 5, 2018

Experiencing conflict at work is never an ideal situation. We spend more time with our coworkers throughout the day than with our family. It’s crucial to get along with the people we work with. Plus, team work makes the dream work.

Sometimes conflict is going to naturally arise. You can’t avoid conflict from happening. What you can control is how you handle it. I posted a YouTube video last month on how to handle conflict at work. I’m going to breakdown how to deal with that situation.

My tips for conflict management and conflict resolution in the workplace:

  • Avoid the drama and distance yourself from it. If you begin to sense any tension, try to resolve it immediately. Ask your coworker to explain the issue and get a clear understanding of what the problem is.
  • Always have a positive approach. You want to understand the problem. Handle the problem colleague to colleague and have a private conversation. Get ahead of the problem before getting your boss involved.
  • Challenge yourself to fix the problem. It’s easy to get into work with a bad mood but go in with a positive outlook every day and challenge yourself to get along with everyone. You can’t pick who you work with. You’re going to come across a lot of different personalities.

“When everyone works together, success is made”


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