Business Cards For The College Grad

Posted on July 20, 2016

One of our most popular posts on the Intern Queen Blog is How to Make Savvy Student Business Cards written by Bianca, a former Intern Queen Campus Ambassador. With the post being over two years old, we decided to freshen it up a bit for the recent college graduate. 

With college graduation in the rearview mirror, hundreds of thousands of college students have just entered the “real world.” While some students have already landed their first big job, many are still searching for that initial opportunity. In comes the importance of business cards. Although today’s society is so digitally-focused, business cards are still a must have in any recent grad’s wallet. They provide the instant convenience of having a person’s contact information instantly and all in one place. You never know who you might come in contact with, so it is so important to always have this important information on you at all times — especially when you are working on landing that first job. Without an official job title, however, what information do you include?

Include all necessary information:
Most recent grads don’t have an official job title or an office location that they would share on a personal business card. But there is still a handful of important contact information that you can include:

  • Your first and last name
  • Address: Include your address only if it is permanent. If you are in the process of moving from your college apartment back to your parents house and then to your own apartment, leave it out. You want your contact information to be as permanent as possible.
  • Contact phone number: Make sure you have a professional voicemail set up!
  • Email address: You should create an email address that is both professional and separate from your university email address, as your university doesn’t always keep those active after graduation. Gmail, iCloud, and Yahoo are all email hosting platforms that are both easy to set up and free of charge.
  • Basic education information: University, graduation year, and major
  • Any important links: LinkedIn profile, website or blog, or online portfolio

Should I include social networks?
Because so much of our world today is Internet-based, a common question is whether or not to include social media handles on business cards. While I strongly suggest that you include your LinkedIn profile URL and a link to your personal website or portfolio, I would suggest leaving your social media handles off of your personal business cards. So much information is now publicly available through the Internet — made especially by social networks — and you want to make sure you are keeping your presence strictly professional.

When creating a personal business card, keep in mind that any information listed needs to be both professional and pertinent. Any form of communication listed needs to be current and appropriate for professional use. Feel free to use a fun design to decorate your card, but again, make sure it’s appropriate, professionally designed, and not over-the-top. When you meet a professional at a networking event, you can proudly hand out your personal business card and make an instant positive impression.


Looking for the perfect and affordable business card printer? Below are the ones that our Campus Ambassadors and Twitter followers recommended! – Tiny Prints offers clean, simple designs, and allows you to add pictures for no additional cost. More importantly, you can order as few as 10 cards. – Minted is similar to Tiny Prints but has a wider variety of designs and card shapes that you can customize. However, the minimum order size is 25 cards. – Vistaprint is by far the most affordable printer and offers an expansive selection of card designs. – Moo has some really neat business cards, including plastic business cards and mini business cards! All of the cards are customizable and can easily be personalized.

FedExOffice — Twitter follower @reneclare got 500 business cards for $15 with free shipping.

Jarrett Hather
Jarrett Hather

Didn't think to add a link to my portfolio. Thanks! (it's a PDF, oh well)