Apps for recent grads!

Posted on June 18, 2015

The adjustment from college student to young professional can make you feel like your life is anything but together.  This is why we asked our Intern Queen alumni what apps they used to make that transition a bit easier. Before you enter “the real world”, you might want to take a few minutes to download these helpful apps:

Sunrise is the best calendar app I’ve used. You can see all your Gmail and Facebook events all on one calendar – and you can customize the icons on events.” – Kimberly Osborne @itsmekimber

“I use LinkedIn.” – Dalida Anthony

Clear is an amazing to-do list app. Also, Mint is a great app to track your spending. It helped me a lot after college to manage my accounts and learning to budget my money!” – Saya Arakawa @saya_arakawa

“I love too – great help in taking control of your finances by making a budget, and it helps you stick to it too!” – Melanie Starling @melaniestarling