A Day in the Life of Lauren Berger- The Intern Queen!

Posted on April 15, 2016

A few weeks ago, we moved into our first ever – real office! And it’s just ours – not a shared space. Our unit is small, cozy, and perfect for our business. I had help designing the space from interior designer, Lindsay Pennington.

A few readers have asked about a typical day in my office so I wanted to share, here we go:

6:30AM Wake up to coffee that my hubby-to-be makes with our Keurig Mini every morning. We love any Dunkin Donuts flavors! 

6:50AM – Get out of bed, go downstairs to the couch, and watch Robin Meade’s Morning Express on HLN to get my news fix. I’ll usually eat egg whites with avocado for a quick morning dish. I’ll sit in front of the TV, eat, and answer emails that came in that morning or from the night before. I also try to review the calendar for the day.

7:30AM – Time to get ready to go into the office. I’m not used to getting ready for work (since this is a new thing with the office). I try to dress “Intern Queen-ish” – blazers, jeans, and heels.

8:00AM – Leave for work and stop at Starbucks or Coffee Bean for a quick iced-coffee.

8:30AM – Arrive to the office and say hello to the team. I usually spend at least 10-15 minutes chatting with the team, organizing the office, and opening the blinds to let in the sunlight – we have lots of windows!

9:00AM – Usually, I have my first call of the day by 9AM or 9:30AM. This could be a pitch call for new business, a partnership call, or a sales call where my team wants me to listen in the background. I try to take about 30-60 minutes in the morning to check-in with my team members, make sure they are clear on their goals for the day/week, and don’t have any outstanding questions for me.

11:00AM – I try to go into what we call “cave mode” between 11AM-2PM so that I can actually get some out-going work done and check items off my to-do list. I’m quite the hustler so I still do lots of sales for the business during this time as well.

1:00PM – My team leaves for lunch. I usually stay in the office to catch up on emails and prep for the rest of the day.

2:00PM – I switch places with my team. They are back and I usually walk around the corner and grab a salad for lunch and take it back to the office. I’m a slow drinker so my iced coffee usually lasts me all day.

2:30PM – We have virtual interns who are on towards the end of the day. We do this purposefully so that we have time to put their assignments together. I usually check-in with the interns to say hello and make sure they don’t have any questions at this point in the day. I don’t work with them very closely but I’m the Intern Queen so interns are a priority.

4:00PM – I try to wrap any client, partnership, or sales calls by this time. Around 4PM is when I start doing end-of-day check-ins with my team to make sure everyone is on track and we have no “red flag” issues – meaning problems we have to handle ASAP.

4:45PM- I dash out of the office, shut the blinds, take out the trash, and drive directly to the gym. In all honesty, I’m typically running late.

5PM – I work out with a trainer at CRUNCH for about an hour. I’m trying to push myself to take a class afterwards or do cardio but sometimes I’m too lazy. Oops!

6:30PM – I drive home from the gym and use the time in the car to call my family (in Florida) and catch up with friends.

7PM – My fiancé and I figure out dinner. If we aren’t traveling, we try cooking as much as possible.

8PM – A few nights during the week, we both go back to work. We run our own businesses so we try to take advantage of “quiet working time” as much as possible. I’m checking off to-do list items, writing content for the website, or working on new projects. We try to wrap up by 10PM or 11PM.

11PM – TV, TV, TV. I’m obsessed with all kinds of shows: The Good Wife, Shameless, Billions, Suits, Housewives, and more!

After Midnight – SLEEP!

Photo by Anna McNaught.