9 Ways to Impress Your Boss This Week

Posted on December 6, 2017

We just did first quarter evaluations at Intern Queen. I wanted to share some of the positive feedback that my team was given. Often times we get so wrapped up in the daily grind that we forget to focus on constantly improving our performance at work. Here are nine things you can do to impress your boss this week!

  1. Positive Attitude. After being on the job for a few years, it’s easy to go from a great attitude to a not-so-great one. Remember, you have the ability to empower people and yourself to do great things. Try your best to be solution-oriented and positive at work.
  2. Help Your Team Members. Is there someone new in your office? With that positive attitude, you can really inspire them to do great things. Remember, you are only as strong as your weakest link! Ask your colleagues, “What can I do to better support you today?”
  3. Get It Done. When your workload is high or intense, try your best to put your head down, blaze through, and get it done. An employer loves an employee who is just able to get it done – no nonsense.
  4. Remember, Quality Matters. Although you do want to move quickly through your assignments, make sure to always triple check your work, read emails back to yourself, and make sure the work you are submitting is high in quality.
  5. Hesitant? Ask. My first boss told me that assumptions lead to mistakes. And it’s true – if you are ever feeling hesitant about an assignment – just ask.
  6. Think Beyond Your Paycheck. What other creative ideas do you have to contribute to your company? Just because your idea is “outside” of you job description doesn’t mean you can’t set aside time to speak to your boss about it. You will get credit for thinking outside the scope of your paycheck.
  7. Be Forward Thinking. Always predict the next step. You did one assignment. Ask yourself, “What is the next step here? What will my boss ask me to do with this information?” Always think ahead.
  8. Determine Processes and Systems. Are you running into the same problems at work over and over again? Instead of fixing them one by one – come up with a formal process or system that will prevent the problem from happening again.
  9. Make a Project Your Own. I love when my team takes ownership over their projects. What project are you passionate about? How can you show your boss that you are passionate about it and really go out of your way to make it stand out?