9 Things You Can Do Better At Work Today

Posted on October 11, 2017

I believe that improvement should be a part of our daily routine, so I sat down and thought about some things that we can all work on in our work lives. Below are 9 things you can do better at work today. Try these out and see yourself improve your workday.

  • Triple Check Your Work. If part of your job is to show your boss press releases, schedules, social media posts and have them sign off on it – make sure you are always triple checking your work before sending it in. You can only skate by with spelling errors, grammatical errors, punctuation/content problems for so long. Have a policy (a self-policy) that you only send work to your boss if you’ve triple checked it.
  • Make Check-lists for Yourself. Think about all of the different processes you are responsible for at work. Make check-lists for each process indicating exactly what you need to do for each process. Before you send out any work – go over your check-list and make sure you haven’t forgot a step.
  • Speak Solution-Oriented. In my book, being solution-oriented is like speaking a certain “pro-active” language. I appreciate when an employee asks for help before proceeding (potentially incorrectly) with a project but I appreciate it more when the employee seeks out a potential answer first. It’s the difference between, “What do I do?” and “To accomplish this goal, do I start with this? (fill in the blank with a solution).”
  • Always Think – What Can I Do to Make My Co-Workers Lives Easier? A great employee is always trying to support their team. Before you send out projects to your team, ask yourself, “What is the next thing my co-workers or boss will ask for?”, “Can I send them anything additional now?”, “How can I take the next step in this process?” and “What can I do to make my co-workers lives easier?” Sometimes the solution here is going above and beyond or sometimes its sending emails that are in easy-to-open formats or saved in Google Docs instead of Word Docs.
  • Don’t Text People on Vacation Unless They Initiate. If your boss or co-workers are on vacation, try not to initiate contact unless they do. When anyone from our team is on vacation, I try my best to leave them alone. This is their time away from work. Even if I’m personally friendly with them – I try to give them space unless they initiate. They’ll have plenty of time to speak with me when they return. If I have a work emergency – of course, I’ll reach out.
  • Process Your Mistakes. When you make a mistake, write it down, or keep a file in your email of our mistakes at work. You want to really review these mistakes (not necessarily right when they happen but sometime close to when you made the mistake) so that your brain can really process what you did wrong and how you can rectify that solution in the future. If you make a mistake at work and try to process it that evening and still don’t understand what you did wrong, speak to your co-worker or boss about it. You can’t move forward or do better if you don’t understand what you did wrong in the first place.
  • Update Your Boss/Team on Your Status. I always tell my team to be loud about their work. This doesn’t mean that I need them to announce everything they do but if they are too quiet about what they are working on – how am I (the boss) supposed to know? It’s important that employees make sure their team and boss know what they are working on, that they are busy, and that they’re doing productive work that ultimately helps everyone involved. If your name comes up in a meeting, your boss should know that you are a player that brings value to your team. Let people know what you are working on.
  • You Can Disagree but You Can’t Disagree on Everything. I enjoy when my team doesn’t agree with an idea of mine and speaks up about it. I enjoy when they articulate their point in a professional manner. However, that team member should know to pick your battles and that you can’t argue/disagree with everything. There is a difference between someone who isn’t afraid to speak their mind and someone who is just difficult to work with.
  • Always Have Clear Status Updates for Your Boss. It’s important that when employees speak with their bosses (for check-ins) they have clear status updates to share. When they have this time on the phone or in a meeting together – it’s an opportunity for the employee to share what great work they are doing. Going into these meetings unprepared is a disservice to everyone. Also, if a business is having issues or having problems with a certain project – the best thing for an employee to do is to come across as being proactive and share their status and all of the hard work they are doing to help the team.

 I hope these 9 points make your work day today and tomorrow even better than yesterday. For more workplace tips, read my book, Welcome to the Real World.


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