8 Things to Pack the Perfect Work Bag

Posted on April 26, 2018

If you follow me on YouTube you know that my most popular video is about How to Pack the Perfect Work Bag. So today I wanted to expand a little more on the subject. Packing the proper items in your work bag can set up your whole day to either be very productive or very stressful. Seriously there is nothing worse than forgetting your phone charger at home.

I am constantly on the go and it seems like my work bag is sometimes my office. How many of you can relate? It’s easy to throw a lot of unnecessary items in your bag that you will not use, so that’s why today I’ve narrowed down my top nine items that I always have in my bag that have me set to have a productive day (and even week!)


Work doesn’t get done without my handy laptop. Plus, you never know when you need it. I keep my laptop with me at all times.

Makeup bag:

It’s helpful to keep all makeup in one place instead of having it scattered. It makes it easy for mid-day touchups.

Wallet with extra cash:

Carrying extra cash is important for any cash emergencies, like paying for parking you have no idea how handy this comes when you’re running late to a meeting and have cash on hand and ready to go.

Hand sanitizer:

They say this year the flu season is in full swing (I know it’s being going around our office).Clean hands are a must and germs are everywhere that’s why I like to carry a small sanitizer to take wherever I go. I don’t want a cold or a flu to stop me from being productive.

Phone Charger:

This always come in handy especially when my phone tells me it’s at 15% battery! Super handy for those days where I’m on calls all day.

Notebook and pen:

Useful to jot down any ideas that randomly pop into my head or to write a to-do list. They also come in handy for meetings or when I receive an important phone call.


If you follow my Instagram Stories (@internqueen) then you know I’m trying to increase my water intake (I’m mostly a coffee girl). Anyways, nowadays I always carry a water bottle with me because I’ve noticed that staying hydrated is key to feel less tired and more energized.


Very useful when I want to feel more fresh.

These are just the basics that I always try to have in my work bag but I’d love to hear some of things you carry in yours since mine’s are always changing.



Lauren Berger

The Intern Queen