7 Ways to Fix Your Resume

Posted on June 19, 2017

The tips below are real pointers that I gave a student from UCLA who showed me his resume. I was glad he came to me, as his resume needed work. I hope these pointers I gave him help you with your resume!

1. Read My Book. My first internship book came out years ago, it’s inexpensive, and most important – it’s helpful. The book includes tons of resume tips and pointers – it even includes a resume template to help you build up your  resume.

2. Put Education at the Top. Employers want to see where you  went to school, what you majored in, and when you are expected to graduate. If you  feel that your education (or where you went to school) is unimpressive, for whatever reason, you can put it at the bottom. Otherwise, keep it at the top.

3. Delete Junk. Get rid of any weird formatting – bullet points with no words, weird lines, anything that shouldn’t be on the resume. And remember, every space on your resume is important real estate, use it to the best of your ability.

4. Remove Objective. You don’t need an objective unless it SAYS SOMETHING. If you  are applying for a specific department or team at a company, you could  state that in the objective, otherwise – it just doesn’t matter – and it takes up space – get rid of it.

5. Remove Skills That Don’t Impress. Utilize your cover letter to talk about your professional skills and expertise. Unless you are including specific skills that really  matter (for example:  you are bilingual, you are able to use photoshop & indesign), get rid of the skills section. Again, unless you are talking about a specific unique skill – use that room to talk about specific experiences.

6. Include Campus Leadership Experience. Yes, employers want to see previous internships or jobs but make sure you have some campus leadership experience on your resume. Leadership is key –  companies want to hire future leaders.

7. Check for Relevant Work. Make sure you check the posting of the position you  are applying for, your resume should include information that pertains to the position you  are applying  for.